Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We wish you the HAPPINESS of Friends,

the JOY of Family, and the LOVE of


With all our Love!!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas!

May we all remember the reason for the Season.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What makes us stop......

Moments like this make us stop and enjoy what we have been blessed with. As most of you know our little family just moved. We moved literally down the street and around the corner. I would like to say I have never moved into a two story house before, and even though we hired movers to do all the grunt work, I was looking for a place to crawl and hide to take a nap around 3:00. I was exhausted. Not to mention my husband whom I think has a little energizer battery in there instead of a pacemaker, his motivation is amazing.

Well last night I got home from work and cooked dinner for the children. After dinner I looked at all the dishes in the sink and thought how tired I was. I moved on to one of the million projects that are awaiting me. Taylor moved the stool over to the sink and my natural response was telling her "Not right now, we have so much to do." This is one of Taylor's favorite places to be, she LOVES water. Well I let her go at it after she said, "Mommy I want to do the dishes!" Who would argue with that?! Not me, not right now. So I let her, I reminded her she didn't need a whole bottle of soap for one dish, to which she replied, "I know Mommy, I just need a little, I promise."

Well Taylor sat at the sink for about 1/2 hour singing little songs and washing the dishes. I didn't even want to look at the mess she was making because I didn't want to ruin the moment. Her little voice carried throughout the house and she was happy and entertained.

After she was all done and left the room, I went and checked the damage. To my surprise I still had a full bottle of soap and a neat stack of perfectly polished dishes! I was truly amazed and so proud. My little 3 year old can do dishes perfectly. (I wonder what else she can do, do you think she is too young to do laundry?) ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our little Stud

I wanted to post about Coles baseball season. When I started the blog the regular season was long gone and Allstars were over, we just finished Fall Ball so we are enjoying a little break till we do it all over again. This year was extra special for us in many ways. Cole has a beautiful talent for baseball and it is very exciting watching him on the field. Zack found his love for baseball all over again, in coaching. I get so proud of both of my boys and their talents and sense of responsibility to the team and the game. We met some wonderful lifelong friends this year and we feel extremely blessed.
As Cole gets older the games get more exciting, please help me when he starts High School ball, Im in for a ride.
Go Padres! Here he is getting ready to bat.
Behind the plate.
This was the regular season with the Dodgers! Here is Cole-man and our sweet Danielle. She has a tremenous heart and love for baseball. Not just any girl can go out there and play with the boys!
Heres my two stud muffins, getting ready for the opening day parade.
These pictures are from his first season in baseball almost 4 years ago. I LOVE these pictures!
Ok so she isnt part of the game, but my BIGGEST distraction while Mommy is trying to focus intensely on her brother. This is what I get. I thought this was the funniest and cutes picture at his last game, so I just had to throw it in there. hehe

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our senses...

Anyone who knows me knows I have an obsession with smell. I smell everything and like when everything smells good. I have even passed this trait on to others close to me.

A simple smell can bring back a flood of memories. There are often times when I walk into my house and on certain days at certain moments it smells like my grandma's house. I get such a sense of comfort and longing. When I smell "Loves Baby Soft" I go right back to being 7 years old. There are a million different things that bring back a million different memories.

I buy "Midnight pomegranate" lotion from Bath & Body Works, not because Im in love with it anymore but because I go right back to the best day of my life, my wedding day, every time I put it on. Every time I get a whiff of dirt bike exhaust it brings me back to Friday nights at Sac Raceway, watching Cole-man defeat his components in his mad dash to the finish line.
I have a point to this post, I promise. The love of my life bought me a new car. Not just any new car but the car I wanted. There is a difference. I have had a few cars over the past few years a few of mine and a few of his. None of which brought back any memories like this. The first thing I said during my first encounter with my new love, ok my new other love is "OMG it reminds me of the Honda" to which he agreed. No big deal, I get that. While driving it for the first time, I could have pulled off the road, put my head back and just breathed deep. I didnt do this, just at the stop lights. "The said Honda" was the first car I bought on my own. I was soooo proud of myself. I bought it brand new, 2003 Honda Civic I loved loved it. For me it was a defining moment of my independence and I was young and proud of my car. While sitting in my new baby it brought me right back to that time. It was when Zack and I first started dating. So this is what drove me to write this post. Here are some factory pictures of my baby and a few of my other favorites.

If anyone is in love with Candles and the way they make your home smell like I am, then you need to know about Gold Canyon. I came across my first Gold Canyon Candle 8 years ago and have been in love with them ever since. I burn them throughout the year and have my favorite senses for the different seasons and Holidays. Apple Orchard Pearadise for Summer, Caramel Apple for Halloween (smells JUST like the caramel apple suckers), Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving, and a few chosen ones for Christmas, usually consist of cinnamon. This is going to sound like a sales pitch because it is, you will not find another candle that is more fragrant I promise, the smell will carry throughout your home. Shortly after I discovered this treasure I started selling them on the side, not for an income but mostly for the discount for my personal candles, well ok and to spread the word. Im still in love with them today.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Seattle Take 2!

So I would like to point out on my wish list I have a camera. This would be because Im still stuck in the stone age. I still use the old school camera, where you have to take your film down to your local walmart/target and have it processed. LUCKILY for me they feel sorry for those that still use this procedure and offer a digital CD. Hence the pictures I am showing you. The reason Im even telling you about this is because the camera and film traveled with me to Seattle and home. On the way there it was nestled all snug in my checked in baggage, on the way home it was nestled all snug in the bottom of my carry on. Has anyone told you not to send film through the Xray machines at the airport? I vaguely heard that somewhere, and being the big traveler that I am misplaced this information somewhere at the back of my mind. The pictures came out but not how I intended. The camera I do have that takes film is actually a pretty awesome camera and it generally takes pretty awesome pictures.

These pictures are of the Ferry rides. Im sure many of you have taken the Ferry from Vallejo to San Francisco either for work or fun. Well this is very similar, except in this case you just drive yourself right on the ferry and off you go.

On Saturday after our Ferry ride into Seattle since Zack is living/staying in Bremerton which is outside of Seattle, a Ferry ride or hour drive away. Seems far but really its not bad. Although he does the commute almost everyday, poor guy, im not sure how much I would like that. Although I would take advantage of the time to read one of my good books or just close my eyes for a minute. One thing we did talk about was how not so much fun the Ferry ride would be if you were commuting with children. The first thing I would invest in is a DVD player for my car. So on my first ride on the Ferry I look over to see a big SUV parked a couple rows beside us, no big deal, my eyes get drawn to the back seat where there are children sitting in their seats watching a movie and doing whatever else they were doing. No big deal right, well except there was no parents in sight. I guess they figured, there was no where they could go right!? I guess I watch far too many movies or are far too protective because a MILLION things ran through my head.

So this was a very proud moment for me. This is me entering in the Starbucks at Pike Place. Anyone who knows anything about Starbucks knows this is a proud moment. The very first Starbucks. To my surprise the store is extremely tiny and an eyesore at that, nothing special not even a big Starbucks HERE I AM sign. They do have boxes piled all around the store to the ceiling full of merchandise. They go through ALLOT of stock! I was very happy to stand in this 30 minute line (not sure how long) and get my latte and my beautiful coffee mug, which by the way I am so in love with. Im thinking I should pack it away for safekeeping, I mean its practically an heir loom. Well ok instead I wash it everyday and use it every morning.

If you look closely above the end of the van you can see the big Starbucks signage. Yep thats it. Reminded me of Old Sac.

So in this picture in front of Pike Place Market we stopped, well not really stopped but asked this young gentleman to take a picture of us in front of the Market. After carefully maneuvering in a few different spots getting just the right angle...this is what we get. Which Zack and I both could tell by the direction the lens was pointing, but at this point there was no way we were going to have him take another one.

We also visited the famous fish market in Pike Place. Definitely something you need to see. Except for the nasty Monk fish hanging in front. I have pictures somewhere just cant locate them at the moment. The guys sing and throw fish with their heavy accents its rather entertaining.
We also went to the Space Needle because if you ever visit Seattle you have to visit the Space Needle. There are allot of kid friendly activities to participate in. Being the kid less parents we were we saw a movie in the Imax theatre, "Mysteries of the Nile". We did not go up to the top or eat in the restaurant, maybe next time. We only had so much time to squeeze everything in.
It was a wonderful weekend, and I came back well rested with a very comforting feeling of Washington and the current place my honey calls home.
(Not really, this....... is always HOME)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TAG Im it!

1.Post rules on your blog.
2.Answer the six “8″ items.
3.Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment.


1. Greys Anatomy
2. Brothers and Sisters
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Oprah
5. E!
6. CMT (That doesnt really count but whatever)
7. Noggin
8. Disney
(I dont watch allot of T.V, I wish my daughter watched more T.V, Ok I dont really WISH she watched more but maybe 15 minutes wouldnt hurt, it would give Mommy a break. She has no interest)

1. Went to Starbucks (got a Venti Vanilla milk, since they forgot my espresso!)
2. Went to work
3. Had 33rd Street Bistro for lunch YUMMY
4. Cooked dinner for my kids
5. Gave my daughter a bath
6. Did homework with Coleman
7. Talked to my Handsome Husband on the phone......Miss You Babe! :(
8. Went to bed between 8:30 and 9! I know it rocked! That NEVER happens


1. The next time my Honey comes home
2. Friday
3. The Holidays
4. Alan Jackson Concert
5. My next run or bike ride
6. Starbucks
7. A good book
8. Another day

1. Mikuni
2. 33rd Street Bistro
3. Panera
4. Outback
5. Chilis
6. Taco Bell
7. El Forno Classico
8. Round Table :-)


1. Camera
2. Boots (winter shoes)
3. A new coat
4. few things at Victoria Secret
5. Snowboarding gear
6. Couches
7. A new house
8. A desktop computer (so my honey can take the laptop)
9. Invisalign
10. baby (sssshhhh)

Ok I know it was only supposed to be 8 but I was on a roll.......:-) Hope thats not bad luck or anything, its just a wish list....


Well considering I only have one friend in this blogging world and she is the one that tagged me, Have fun reading, you visitors! :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Sorry this post is late. Better late than never right? We had the BEST weekend. It was so nice to enjoy eachother without any interruptions. These pictures I originally took to show the kids where Daddy is living while at work. This is the view from his balcony. As you can see it is amazing. Yes he is spoiled! I could sit there for hours. I didnt but I could. :)

This one is a little blurry but its a good one of the pretty kitchen and My hubby's beautiful legs! :) That was one of the many reasons I married him. I feel so lucky to get to have those legs by my side for the rest of our lives! Sounds cheesy but im serious. :)

I will post the rest of the pictures soon and tell about all the fun stuff we did. Washington is beautiful, some parts are better than others, but you get that anywhere you go.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Im going to visit my HONEY!!! I will be leaving for a very well deserved weekend away. Yes I will be leaving the kids. I would like to make note that this is a huge trip for me, for a couple reasons. I LOVE to travel but I am a home body. Does that make sense, probably not.
I very rarely interrupt my everyday life to take a break. This weekend took a lot of convincing by the parties involved. I am just a creature of routine, I know its supposed to be habit but routine works better in this situation, so go along with it.
I am soooo happy to be going! My 3 year screaming in the other room is a huge reminder of WHY I need this weekend. Taylor Rose is 3.5 and Mommy has NEVER left her for a weekend. So this is big. I know she will be fine, she will be with family that I know will take PERFECT care of her. She probably wont even miss me :( She will also have her big brother with her. I have recently realized that she needs this as much as I do. The girl is practically connected to my hip. I know its my fault, but I cant help it. I pray she doesnt wake up in the middle of the night looking for me and if she does there will be someone there to comfort her precious little heart. Ok this is going exactly where I didnt want it to go. :)
The BEST part of this weekend is my honey and I will have some well needed alone time. Time to stay out as long as we want and sleep in as long as we want. Knowing Zack we wont be doing any sleeping in. Why waste our precious time sleeping right. :) I am sooo excited and already have all the fun places picked out that I want to see. I probably should leave that part out, I mean Im practically his guest. That sounds funny, but its true. He has all kinds of things he wants to do with me. I will just have to squeeze in a couple stops. ;)
I will post pictures and all the details when I get back. Have a WONDERFUL weekend because I know I will!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This is something i want and need in my life. When I am exercising I feel on top of the world. It has really been hard to balance my time with the kids and work and fitting in time for exercise. I wish I was the type of person that enjoyed working out at home. We have the weights and the means to do what I need to do. I just dont do it. My sister in law has been an inspiration to me. She set a huge goal for herself and surpassed that goal by far in my eyes. She trained hard to participate in a triathlon. Not just any triathlon but a rigorous one at that. Her strong will and dedication enabled her to succeed. She set a goal for herself and let NOTHING get in her way. It was one of the proudest moments I have witnessed and a defining moment for me. If she can do it so can I. Im not planning on starting with a goal that huge. I have set some goals for myself though. I will admit my journey has not started out as good as I had hoped but I will get there. Its hard to fit in the time when you are a one man show but I cant let that defeat me. I have to be creative. I want it, so I will do whatever I can to make it happen. I have started jogging in the evenings, its allot easier than I thought. I am used to waking early and going to the gym before work and getting it over with. I will admit I miss it but not the alarm going off at 4am.

Last night I went to my first pilates class. I LOVED LOVED IT! It was good for me in many ways. The challenge of the class itself at the same time it was soooo relaxing. My Mother in law watched the kids so I could attend the class. I didnt realize how much I needed the break for myself till I got home. Since Zack has been working out of town, I have not had an hour to myself. I really needed that! Thank you Mom!

For those other Moms out there I recommend taking the time to attend a class. There are classes EVERYWHERE and with a quick search Im sure you will find one close to home. Its worth it and you need it.

I sometimes get lost in our everyday life I forget about some of the things I enjoy. I enjoy fitness. I love the payoff I get. Motivating myself to get out there and do it is a struggle sometimes but in the
end I am glad I did. My sister in law is still my inspiration, its a battle she has conquered. I will continue to fight to reach my goals, and will soon be running beside her.

She is Officially a BIG girl!

Everytime we go out shopping I check out the little girl bikes for Taylor. We decided it was her time. We are going through a tough time with Daddy being gone so this was her reward for being a BIG girl. She really surprised me at how big she really is. She has a couple trycicles and scooters which she loves. The scooters she picked up right away. The trycicles took her a little longer. She would do the foot scoot to get around. By the way the girl has some quick feet. I tried to teach her to pedal and she would try a couple times and tell me she couldnt and go back to scooting along. I honestly think it was a preferance for her. She just liked scooting because as soon as I told her " When you start pedaling with your feet Mommy and Daddy will get you a big girl bike" Was it not the next day shes yelling, "Mommy, Mommy guess what? Im pedaling and now I get a BIG girl bike! See!" Well I have to admit I did not keep my promise, well not right away at least. This past weekend Little Miss Taylor Rose got her big girl bike. She was super excited! She even had to have the basket to go on it. Anyone that knows our daughter knows she likes to carry her special things around with her, usually in some type of purse or bag. You never know what you will find in her purse. So the basket was a perfect fit for her. As you can see she has her water bottle and some sort of stuffed animal. Now mind you this is literally minutes after the bike was brought home. The other thing I would like to mention is, Taylor has another helmet, that I think suits her better. Notice this helmet slides off her head a little. Well its just like Bubba's. This was actually bought for him but was too small. So she thinks its hers. Im thinking it might have to find a hiding spot for a little while till she grows into it a little more. ;) Well she amazed me at how fast she picked up riding her bike. She actually goes a little too fast, scares me to death! She had one good spill in front of a parked truck, she did a good job avoiding the truck though, to my amazement hopped right back on. So I have to watch her extra close but she is doing wonderful. If her feet touched the ground more I would consider taking the training wheels off, not quite yet though.

Oh and by the way I do make her wear tennis shoes!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Say Goodbye......

It was a bit of a sad weekend for a couple of my favorite things in my life. It all started Sunday morning. We went to my sister-in-law Erin's house. Side note they own Daves Pumpkin Patch ( so for half of September and almost all of October we spend allot of time there. It is wonderful memories for our children, not to mention the entertainment. Well anyway, I will post about that later.
So Sunday Morning the children are outside being children playing. The boys are being boys and always end up in the muddy water. Another side note. They live on a "farm" in West Sacramento. Dave is a real life farmer and grows fabulous fruits and vegetables. Well needless to say he has to irrigate so it doesn't matter what time of the year it is, you can always find muddy water at Uncle Dave and Auntie Erin's house. The boys LOVE LOVE the muddy water. Well being the 11 year old boy Cole is, he forgot to take MY phone out of his pocket. (No I don't let him carry my phone around on a normal basis) he has been using it while Dad is out of town. Its toast, total water logged. Its ok though I forgave him, also mentioned to him not to ask for a cell phone till he is at least 16 years old. That's reasonable right?

Later that day we went to the Italian Festival as previously mentioned. During our laughter filled photo shoot Mr. Coleton stepped on my sunglasses. Yes my fault for leaving them on the grass. (could have swore I put them in the stroller, but whatever) They did go down gracefully I do have to say. I mean an 11 year old foot can do some damage. Only one arm snapped off. I wouldn't even bring this up if they weren't my most favoritest glasses EVER! And irreplaceable. I have spent far too much money on Sunglasses so I luckily stopped buying the expensive ones. It doesn't matter if they are $10 or $150, toddler fingers can do wonders. So Target has been my friend, well up until now. Yes they discontinued my favorite glasses. I have visited 3 stores and even looked online. I have posted a couple pictures to share.

Moments before their tragic death.

Im pretty sure at this moment Cole was hiding the glasses from me. You see that look. Mmmmhhhmmmm.

I just wanted to mention. I have fixed these glasses a few too many times over the last few months. They were good to me for a long long time. The best $12 I have ever spent. Ok well $24 this was actually my second pair of the same ones. Had I known I wouldn't be able to find them again, I would have stocked up. Rest in Peace most favorite sunglasses, and loyal phone. Im sorry I mistreated you.