Sunday, March 27, 2011

The first few days....

We ended up having to stay an extra night in the hospital. Brooklyn was considered high birth weight so they make you stay 48 hours rather than 24. I was so upset when they told me that because I was so ready to go home. They want to monitor for hypoglycemia and jaundice, so another night it is. That night was rough. I was exhausted and my milk hadn't come in and Brooklyn was hungry. It seemed like every time she would fall asleep I would finally get settled and someone would come in to take vitals or bring food or run a test or something. I had only a couple hours of sleep which wasn't helping at all.
So we were sooo excited to get to go home the next day which was Saturday and our little family was happy too. Taylor didn't like Mommy staying at the hospital.

Monday morning we had her first Doctor appt. I noticed she was looking really yellow. Sure enough she had elevated biliruben. The doctor ordered what they call a Billie blanket for us to use at home to get it to go down. Not sure why they call it a blanket because it is not a blanket at all. The plan was for her levels to stay the same or start going down which would be better. The next morning we were back at the Doctors to check her levels again. Bad news, they went up so she was admitted to the NICU right away. Let me tell you there is nothing more stressful then when your children are sick and even more stressful when they are so little. It broke my heart. In the NICU EVERYTHING is measured and weighed and accounted for. So I had to pump so they knew exactly how much milk she was getting and they weighed her diapers everytime she was changed. I was very impressed with the care we received and luckily it was short lived, we only had to stay 24 hours. Her poor little heel had been pricked so many times it was sad. Her levels had dropped and we were in the clear. Thank goodness!

She likes laying on her side, so cute.

Tired Daddy feeding Brooklyn.
In the picture above you can see the yellow on her face. With jaundice it starts on the head and works its way down, she was yellow all the way down to her legs. You can see it going away in this picture.

I wasn't going to post this picture because I look AWFUL. I was soooo exhausted and well you know how beautiful we are right after we have babies! lol but I had to post because it was a very important time in the NICU, SKIN TO SKIN ;) Right before we got to go home.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Brooklyns birth

It was Thursday morning Feb 3rd. I didn't sleep much the night before and neither did Daddy. We were very excited to finally be meeting you. I was to call Labor and delivery at 5 to make sure they had room for us and we were on our way.
We got to the hospital and I was still having contractions which I noticed when I got up. We checked in and got settled in our room. When they hooked me up my contractions were about 5-6 minutes apart. LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD! They got my pitosin hooked up about 9:30 and I was still at 3 cm and not totally effaced yet. Still a ways to go. At about noon they checked me and I was about 5 cm and totally effaced. I decided to hold off on the epidural. Although my nurse apparently wanted me to have this baby on her watch because she kept upping my pitosin levels, at the end she said she went up to like an 18 which apparently is crazy according to her. She said every woman has a comfort zone and mine was just higher. joy! lol My contractions got stronger and harder and about a min or so apart and I went for the epidural. As most of you know, that pain is nasty, I dont know about you but sticking that needle in your back ooo eeeee I can still feel it. I noticed I was still feeling everything on my left side so they messed with the line because I had a block so none of the medicine was going to my left side. We never really got it right. Its crazy, you think because you have done something before no problem it would be like that again. Wrong! So they checked me again around 2:45-3:00 or so and I was still at 5 cm. I was getting discouraged! Daddy was exhausted and the chair in the room was broken so he couldn't get any rest. So he was going to go down to the car to lay down for a little bit. I told him to TURN ON YOUR RINGER, I was sure we would be fine since I was only half way there and I would call him if we were getting close. Right after he left things were getting intense, I couldn't get comfortable and my left side at my ribs were killing me. I told the nurse how weird it was, it felt like the Brooklyn's feet were digging in my ribs which was weird, because through my whole pregnancy she didn't do that. Her legs were always off to the sides. So she wanted to check me again. It was almost 3:30 at this point. I told her I will give you money if you give me good news! This was sort of an inside joke because all through the day my husband was trying to pay her to do little things like get him a new chair or a bed or something. So she was checking me and shes smiling and she said your complete! Your ready to push! So I start calling Daddy since he just left and he doesn't pick up. I must have called him 15 times, I was shaking and crying. I was freaking out because I was scared he was going to miss it. We got all ready and the Dr. even came in and the nurse told her to wait because we were waiting for Daddy to come back. She kept reassuring me that we would not have this baby until he got there. At this point I look over at my Mom and Grandma and think...hhhhmmmm which one am I going to send to find him. Ya RIGHT!! LOL He finally picked up and I could have balled like a big baby I was so relieved. So he cam back up to the room out of breath because he had to run back. Little side note. The parking garage is literally across the hospital like a half a mile maybe further I dont know.
So i start pushing and all I could think was oh my goodness I dont remember it being this hard. I was even laughing in between pushes and told the Dr. how I dont know how women do it that have to push for hours. I would die! lol They asked me if I wanted the mirror which by the way, if you have the option. Do it! It helps so much to see your progress. Lifesaver. I had the best delivery doctor ever! She was soooo motivating and inspiring and all I can think of is her big smiling face encouraging me. So 18 minutes later little miss Brooklyn was born. That last push is the best feeling in the world!
You came out and you were so pink and so calm. I was getting a little worried because the nurse kept saying we need to get her to cry, we need to get her to cry but you would just look up at me with your big eyes and make these little whimpering cooing sounds. It was amazing and scary. Scary because in that moment you realized how precious life is and how fragile it is. You didnt cry until later when they were bathing you and running their tests on you. Looking back now, thats just you, you are the most calm easy going angelic baby and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. We are soooo in love.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello World!

Brooklyn Jade Brenner
8 pounds 9 oz.
20 inches long
February 3, 2011
4:09 pm

Sorry the pictures are out of order.

Big Brother

Tired Daddy and his angel.

Big Sister

Getting ready to go home

Stay tuned for the birth story!

The debate....

So. We all saw that I was 39 weeks pregnant and our little angel baby was not budging. I honestly did not think I would have been pregnant that long. Thats what I get for having expectations.
So needless to say, I was doing EVERYTHING I or anyone could think of to induce labor. Let me tell you which I would have told anyone else, its all a bunch of hoky poky. I should listen to my own advice. I was cleaning like a mad woman, like a serious mad woman. I was taking the dog for walks, he was walking me. I was doing laps around our court. I borrowed the neighbors stairs, and took them two at a time. Yes I did. and alll that other stuff I wont mention here, well other than ingesting anything. I was NOT even going to try that.
Stuck at 3 cm. forever................
Contractions would come and go.....

So I arrived at my doctors appt. We went over our options and she was concerned about going past my due date because of the babies weight. We knew I could deliver 9 pounds 4 oz no problem. BUT she was 8 days early. Part of my knew this baby was not that big but I was going with my Doctor on this one.
This was a monday. If I didnt go into labor by Thursday, my due date was Friday, I would be induced Thursday morning at 6am. Call it pregnant hormones or whatever you would like but I left that appointment feeling defeated, I called my mom and cried.
Woke up Thursday morning with contractions 5 minutes apart. I was having that baby no matter what! Off to the hospital we went......
 Freeport Bakery makes the best cakes ever! Isnt it beautiful!
 The adorable favors my sister made.
 The big ole pregnant girl! Man I packed on the pounds with this one ;) She was worth every single little or big ounce or pound or tens of pounds.

 One of the many reasons I packed on the pounds. Dont tell a pregnant girl she cant eat! You will not win ;)
spoiled. enough said.

The mess. lol how FUN!!

Thank you to my beautiful sister for throwing me a beautiful shower. AND shes pregnant herself. We all know how much work it is, can you imagine doing it pregnant. My hat is off to her. I love her!!

A work shower....

Better late then never right. Some very special people at my work through me a super cute shower and spoiled the heck out of me and this baby.
We are blessed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WOW! I have some posting to do. I am so behind. Im thinking of going private and most likely will before I post all the details of the last 6+ weeks. So if there is anyone out there that still reads this blog, send me your email!

Love to you all ;)