Monday, July 12, 2010

AND NOW.....

We are battling in ALLSTARS!! I will update pictures later but heres a few updates and they are playing in the Championship game tonight!! It is double elimination and since they havent lost yet, if we lose tonight we play again tomorrow night!
My Hubby is the Tournament Director, so needless to say, hes working his booty off and putting in OVERTIME!

Tuesday, June 29

All Star Tournaments
Major All Stars hosted by West Sac Little League (Memorial Park West Sac)
The tournaments begin July 5th, and we need volunteers. We need score keepers, pitch counters, snack bar workers, field setup/teardown, etc.
Friday, July 9

All Star Update for Friday, July 9th
The WSLL Major Team played on their home field yesterday with a 6-3 victory over Rio Linda. This game included home runs by Coleton Brenner and Casey Whitesell. Their next game is on Saturday at 4:30 at Memorial Park. As hosts of the major tournament, WSLL welcomes Antelope National and North Natomas tonight at 5:30.
Sunday, July 11
Saturday was a good day for West Sac Little League
 The Major Team beat Antelope National on Saturday. Coleton Brenner hit another home run.. West Sac majors play in the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME on Monday at 5:30 p.m. at Memorial Park.


The little league pledge.
I didnt get allot of pictures from TOC's but I PROMISE to take more from ALLSTARS! They did AWESOME!
Heres a few little snippets from the website about the Tournament,

Friday, June 18

Major Division Dodgers play at 10AM on Saturday in Antelope

Monday, June 21

All 4 West Sac Teams Still Alive in TOC's
The Major Division Dodgers won their game on Saturday and will play at 5:30 Tuesday in Antelope.

The Major Dodgers lost last night in a close game and will have to battle their way back. The Dodgers play North Natomas tonight at 5:30 at Antelope Little League.

Wednesday, June 23

TOC Update
The Major Division Dodgers beat Natomas and advance to Thursday's game at 5:30 at Antelope.

Latest Tournament News
The Dodgers beat Rio Linda on Thursday night 10-7 and play Antelope American tonight at 5:30 at Antelolpe.

Friday Night Tournament News
The Dodgers fought hard playing 5 games in 6 days but were unable to come up with a win tonight. Tonights game included home runs by Coleton Brenner and Ethan Mayberry. Congratulations to the Dodgers on a great tournament and a fantastic season.


With PPBI!

They are preparing these boys for greater things. Its not just little league anymore, it keeps getting bigger and better and they WILL be ready!


Our cousin was in town from Tennessee so we had Jordan over for a night. The girls played hard, fought hard and loved hard. Its what they do best!
Taylor misses you while you are gone :( Until next time!


The Dodgers were Champions this year, which led us to TOC's!!! (Tournament of Champions)
It was fun, exciting, exhausting, and very Fulfilling!!

This was a snapshot of one of our last games, maybe the last, I dont remember at this point. It was a little creepy.
THE CHAMPIONS!! You boys played your heart out this season and it was not missed by anyone.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Skyler turns 2!

Taylor had a belly ache and had to take a little break. Im guessing all that sugar and bounce house fun was a little too much for her. Madisyn feeding Daddy her cupcake.
The birthday girl blowing out her candles!! Happy Birthday!TRUMAN!! Darn dog! The boys sugaring it up!!

Im starting to feel better but I still think I will turn my pixie dust into a weapon. Such a little girl isn't she?! haha
It was a GREAT party jampacked with people food and fun! Thanks Jen you outdid yourself as always!!