Monday, December 20, 2010

Maternity Photos

We took some Maternity photos. I was a little nervous about taking them but now that its all said and done. I am VERY glad I did it and so relieved that its done. I didn't take them with Taylor and regretted it so this time around I wanted to be sure I took the time to get them done. I cant share them on the blog or on FB because they are pretty private, I can share the above picture though. I felt this one was appropriate.

I am definitely ready for this little one to arrive. My body is growing more tired as the days go by and its getting harder and harder to go to work.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am really behind on this blog. I know I say that allot and Im usually behind. I mean Its almost Christmas and Im just now posting Halloween pictures. Sigh.....

The thing I dont like about posting late is the lack of quality to the post. Ya there is a bunch of cute pictures of our cute kids but thats pretty much it. I tend to not write much and I pretty much just run through the post so I can post the next thing in hopes to get caught up. Im going to work on this. Put a little but more excitement into my posts and our Family blog. Lets face it life is WAY more exciting than that.
SO heres to my future posts full of heart and excitement......

More Halloween....

Every year everyone meets at our house for Yummy Chili, corn bread, appetizers and drinks then we head out trick or treating.

My sister in law also had a house warming/birthday/Halloween party and we went to a Halloween party at a friends house. Here are random pictures in no particular order of some of the Festivities.

The Conjugal Visitor and her Prisoner......I felt the big prego belly needed something unique to dress up as. :)

Halloween Festivities.....

Taylor goes to The Y after school and they had a Halloween party this year. All the kids dressed up in costume and did all kinds of fun activities, including turning their teachers into Mummies. That was a hit with all the kids and Taylors group won the Mummy contest!

Melissa from the Y has a hookup with someone in movies. So they get all sorts of fun stuff and free tickets to see the Movies before they are released to the public. This was right before MegaMind came out and the perfect time right before Halloween.

Later that night we did some pumpkin carving. Im not sure where Cole was during all of this but he didnt feel like carving a pumpkin so I dont have any pics of him. ;(
We did some decorating. This is one of our FAVORITE holidays to decorate for and as long as Zack and I have been together we always have spider webs on our porch every October. Having young children that love decorating and love the spirit of the holiday makes it THAT much better to decorate. Cole is getting older and more mature and his excitement has matured. Taylor is in her prime and Loves EVERY part of the holidays and decorating and cooking and everything that goes with it. Im posting this a little late but she had Daddy out in the pouring rain hanging Christmas lights this year. She lets NO ONE off the hook and when you see her blue eyes light up with excitement and her little voice speed up, theres no turning back. Daddy will go to no lengths to please her, even out in the pouring rain.