Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Memorial Tournament

Cole plays for a Travel ball team for Pro Player Baseball Instructors. Over Memorial weekend they had their first tournament. It was an awesome experience and those boys played THEIR HEARTS OUT. They made it all the way to the Championship game . Went into extra innings and lost by one run. Lets just say that game WAS STRESSFUL!
Please excuse the picture overload but we had a great time and it was beautiful weather.

Cole catching his BFF Bubs.

Coles first homerun of the Tournament and my Best friend Jackie and her Hubby Bryan were there to see it.

Taking a rest and cooling off between games.

The Daddies

The little Sisters

Jacob, Cole and Bubs (Robert) Best Buddies

Gearing up and getting ready to catch


Shilo eating a big pickle, our favorite part of the weekend! haha

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


As most of you know we are expecting a new little member to our crazy household. We are super excited! Taylor cant wait for Mommy's belly to get big! Let me tell you I dont think it will be long for that to happen what is it with the second baby, its like your body is just waiting for it and starts shifting and expanding and making room!
I swore I was going to be good with this pregnancy. With Taylor I gained 45 pounds. Which was fine because when I got pregnant I was tiny. I didn't think so at the time but looking back and pictures now I took it for granted. So I vowed to eat better and exercise more this time. Ok maybe just the exercise part I ate very good with Taylor. We all know with the first pregnancy we follow all of the rules, no caffeine, no sushi, no soda, minimal junk food, healthy healthy healthy. I was GOOD!
Well I have not been good and my clothes are proving that very quickly. I feel huge and I shouldn't even be showing any signs yet. The girls have doubled in size already and Im pretty sure I lost my hip bones, what are those, oh and collarbone what is that, I just feel like a bag of squishy lovey goodness, without the good. Too much info, Ya I know. BUT that's another thing with pregnant women, we lose a little bit of our filter too. ;) SO Im trying really trying because at the rate I'm going right now this is going to be rough! Back to eating my ruffage, sorry baby all that fried stuff you were craving well that's stopping and we will probably have to slow down on the Mexican food too.
That last few weeks I have been soooooooooo tired. No motivation to do anything. There were a few times I tried to update the blog and didn't even want to do that. So I definitely will be happy when this stage is over.
I know I sound a little bit like Debbie downer at the moment please don't confuse my lack of motivation and energy for anything else but that. I am very happy and super excited to have a new baby to love on in a few months. SO I will try my best to keep updating on my progress and everything else that is going on in our crazy busy exciting life.
Did I mention baseball, ya, baseball, that's our life. More updates on that to come. ;)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Shes off to the big leagues!

Taylor graduated pre-school!

Shes such a big girl its so crazy. Im having a hard time grasping the fact that she will be in Kindergarten this year. It seemed like that day was soooo far away and now its right here. I have so much anxiety about this transition, this girl has a hard time with transition. She anticipates it and gets soooo excited about it but once its here she sticks her heels in the mud. Its such a hard thing to leave your baby somewhere and see them cry when you go. I want to drop everything scoop her up and run for the door. She is getting older and more mature and this change might not be as bad as changes before but this is a BIG one.
We are soooo proud of her and the progress she has made this year in preschool. I struggled with the decision for reasons now I dont understand. I guess I am a creature of habit and I see where she gets the resistance from, because Daddy, well he can fly by the seat of his pants. You tell him you want to change something and he will dive in head first with a smile on his face.
Taylor loves what she calls her "homework". Everyday, everywhere she goes she has a bag that carries her books and paper and pens, she pulls them out everywhere and works on her homework. This is where she writes and draws to her hearts content. She often asks me, "Mommy how do you spell.....?" To which I will reply with the letters of the words she is spelling, she can write the letter just by my saying it. She is starting to sound letters out to spell and read. She loves memorising books and reading them back to us. She learns new songs almost everyday and sings them while she takes a shower. Last night she made a heart out of her big leggos. Literally. Daddy and I were very impressed! I love seeing the product of her mind, sometimes we battle a little because she has a certain word or something in her head and cant remember what it is, so I have to try to guess. I get a little flustered. haha phew. Her best work she is most humble about. I will find it in the stack of papers from class or in her bedroom and it stops me in my tracks. It amazes me what the little mind retains and what it can produce. I am struck everyday by her abilities and am soooooo excited to see her blossom in the big leagues. Elementary school.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sluuuumber Party!!

WHAT were we thinking!!
I have a ton more pictures to post with this, but as you can see it is taking a while to finish. Clearly I havent had much time to post or do much on the home computer for that matter. So I will post the rest later and leave you with these.
This year we didnt throw a big party for his birthday he wanted more gifts instead, so we through together a last minute slumber party for him and his friends. At one point we had about 25 teenagers at our house. About 12-13 of them stayed the night. Whoooooeeeeee I remember why we dont do the whole slumber party thing. My family likes our sleep and I especially like it when the house is dark and quiet. That is almost impossible when you have that many kids over. ;)

Doesnt he look EXCITED!! HAHA

waiting for everyone to gather round, it was like hearding cats

THIS is what 13 year old boys do.....

They also sit in little girls chairs (for the record hes 10)

They ate pizza....

played video games

ate more pizza, literally, we had to place another order later in the evening, THOSE BOYS CAN EAT!

we had to have a pick me up, these kids were going for the long haul

aaaaaa finally, time to get settled.

everywhere, they were everywhere, we had to move all the furniture out of the living room.

Gooood Morning! Surprisingly I was up before them.

I found this guy in the recliner in a different room, he didnt want to get up for breakfast.