Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last night I dreamt that we enjoyed a Thanksgiving Feast with some dear friends of ours.
A couple years ago we did cook a Thanksgiving meal together after the Holiday.
That is where I got my WONDERFUL sweet potato recipe.
The one that everyone loves, including myself.
Now all I can think about is a hot turkey sandwich.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Woe is me....

and I am feeling it this morning. I just couldn't get my best foot forward today, I still cant. Its days like today I just want to ditch work and go back home and do some laundry. Because Laundry is my enemy at the moment and I curse it and promise that I will conquer it. Has it always been this big of an issue? Has there always been not enough hours in the day or enough hours of productive energy in the day to accomplish the tasks at hand. From the moment I get home I work towards one goal. Getting everything done so that I can read my book before bed, and start reading early enough so that I can fall asleep at a decent hour. Last night I accomplished my goal, I think, because I didn't do any laundry. The Hubby did though. He washed some pants for work today. You see we are different in so many ways, ways that compliment eachother and ways that butt their little heads. For instance, if the laundry isn't done and its late I am confident I will manage to find something to wear with what is clean and at hand. Even if I'm pregnant and growing and the choices are getting slim. The Hubby isn't as relaxed with his attire. With each mood he has a certain pair of pants to match. If those pants aren't clean it alters everything. That's just the way it is. Cole takes after his pickiness but if something isn't clean he manages. His little angelic daughter has taken after him in this area. So what do you know they butt heads when it comes to her attire. I guess for me, I have adjusted to this, seeing as we have been together and I have been doing his laundry for the last 8-9 years. You adjust and accommodate after a while. So here I am at work with a gagillion things to do on my desk, no really a gagillion, and all I can think about is grabbing my purse hopping in my car and hitting the stack of laundry. But you know what, I will leave work today and get home and my productive hours will have been long gone and then all I will be able to do is look at that stack of laundry and just hope and pray and wish that it will do its darn self. AND THAT is the story of our laundry among other things.

I'm just not feeling it today. I sit here and go over the morning I had and the things I could do differently to make things run smoother next time. I could get up earlier, that would make things a whole lot better. Its easier said then done though. Why is it that when the alarm goes off the bed just gets comfier. Just 5 more minutes. Then we are all rushing out the door. Morning got more difficult when the little one started Kindergarten. She likes to stay up late at night and hates to get up in the morning. She has ALWAYS been this way. She was probably one of the only infants I new that slept until 9am. Then it was good, now its a problem. As a Mommy I just want to let my kids sleep. Especially the grouchy ones. Because the grouchy ones make for difficult mornings.

I know I'm complaining and trying not to feel sorry for myself because really there is nothing to feel sorry about. I also know writing makes me feel better. I can categorize the grumbling in my head and release it for a clearer focus. Tomorrow is a new day and as long as I push myself to be better I will do better. I also admire working Mothers especially mothers that are pregnant because its a struggle. Especially when the only thing you really want to do at the moment is be a mom.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Our little Girl.....

She is getting so big. It amazes me though how different every child is even growing in our bellies. Taylor was feisty from conception. Seriously. She was always kicking and not cooperating. This little girl works like clock work. I only feel her kicking and moving two times a day. At lunch time and about 9:30 at night. During all of the ultrasounds she was all cuddled up to the placenta. At one point the technician wanted to make her mad so she would move around so she had me roll over a few times. It still didnt matter, she just adjusted herself and went back to snoozing.
I am very anxiouse to see how this little girl is going to be, what she looks like what her personality is like? We cant wait to meet her!
I am CRAVING big stormy weather. Lots of dark rainy clouds and rolling thunder and howling wind. I want to curl up on my couch with a good book and a hot cup of tea and something yummy in the crockpot.
Can it storm please?
Im sure you all think im crazy but this comfortable growing body of mine is craving some cold wet weather.