Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Fishy

In her element.......she could do this everyday, all day. Our little water baby.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Bestfriends Wedding

This past weekend my Bestfriend Jackie got married in Tahoe. I uploaded these pictures a few days ago and hadnt had a chance to do them any justice. Everytime I sat down to write, I didnt feel that I was capturing the true essence of the trip. It was amazing. For the most part because of this girl. SHE is amazing. I love her. Our paths have taken us along different roads all veering towards eachother at some point or another. In Highschool we were inseparable. I formed relationships with her family that will forever be close to my heart. No matter where we are or what we are doing her and her family will always feel like they are a part of my family.
Zack and I went back and forth about the weekend, what was going to work out better for us. As you know Cole is in Allstars which consumes almost everyday. I wanted to be there for my friend so in the end we decided it was best for me to go alone. This was a first for me. Honestly it worked out for the best, we were so busy it would have been hard to have the family there as well as be of any help to her.

I went up on Thursday and we just hung out did some grocery shopping, ate some food and met everyone that was arriving.

Friday we had to get all the wedding stuff done. Flowers, favors and any last minute stuff. Jackie wanted to do all of her flowers and they turned out amazing. I'm not sure why I don't have pictures of the final product.

We took a break from the wedding stuff and wandered down to the water. I got to lay by the pool with Jackie's cousin Andrea and Auntie Gail and Tiffany for about 15 minutes! AWESOME! Then it was off to get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Here we are on our way to the rehearsal. Jackie's Mom and Dad rode with us. I didn't get a picture of Jackie, she had allot on her mind at that moment......;)

I did snap a picture of her walking up to the sight though.

Bryan and Jackie talking with the wedding coordinator Ashley, who was awesome, I love people that are always smiling, even when they have stressful jobs, they still know how to smile.

Jackie's Dad and Avery The Flower girl, her niece, I regreted not bringing Taylor with me so these two girls could play together.

Jackie's cousin Andrea and Bryan's younger brother Shae. (Not sure how he spells his name)

She wishes!

On our way to the bridge we discovered this little guy crossing the road.

After the rehearsal Bryan's family prepared dinner down on the beach where we were staying. This was probably near the top of the list of my favorite moments of the weekend. His family made some pretty awesome food and the weather was perfect! Good food, good company, nice entertainment and nice weather I dont think it gets much better than that. Meet Ayden, Bryan's son, Jackie's stepson. I can just love this little boy up!

The Bride and Groom.

Mother of the Bride.
The Groom!
Jackie's sis Jenn (The Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor, pretty sure she had both) and her son AJ (Mr. Anderson James), I spent 4 days winning over this little man, I thought about bringing him home with me. How could you not just love on that face! I miss him. See the picture below, he was licking the plate clean, I think he enjoyed the cheesecake!

Momma just lovin him up!

I truly love this girl.

The proud family.
and Proud Grandpa

This is the DJ and Jimmy's friend Mark (same person) HE was the entertainment. Listen to the video below. He sat there and played the guitar well into the night.

After the rehearsal dinner, us girls took off to Embassy Suites, for some girly time.This is inside the Hotel.
Miranda (sp), yours truly, Lauren and the Bride in the elevator.

The next day was Saturday the BIG day. I spent the morning doing some last minute things for the wedding, then it was time to get ready.
The Bride.
The Bridesmaids and Flower Girl, missing the Maid of Honor (she was doing her hair).

Lauren and I. Sorry about the chest shot, theres a story behind the dress, which I wont go into here. I wasn't expecting it to be so revealing!

California Camping

Zack LOVES camping, well we all do. It just seems like life keeps moving forward and we forget to take time out to do the things we love. So at the last minute we decided to take off and go camping for Fathers Day weekend. We wanted to stay away from the more popular crowded lakes and be able to relax.

The boys rented an aluminum fishing boat for a few hours!
Cole and his friend Travis

We brought Jordan with us to entertain Taylor. Let me just mention that having two 4 year old girls is just ASKING for trouble. The whole weekend I felt like I was running. Those two little girls will keep you on your toes.
It was so HOT, it felt like we couldn't get out of the sun. So the boys climbed in the back of the cruiser for an air conditioned nap. They look comfy don't you think ;)

Taylor was fishing. She didn't want to hold her pole but she also didn't want Jordan to have a turn, not nice little Missy! In this video and the picture above you will find she made some new friends!
It was a HOT and DIRTY weekend! Thats what you get with California Camping!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

He is an Allstar!

The season is over and we had such a great time this year. The Dodgers truly were amazing. They all worked so hard and did such an amazing job. They played the championship game against the Cardinals with a final score 4-3 Cardinals taking the lead. Even though we did not win, we definitely did not lose. I couldn't be more proud of this team and all their effort.
I am even more proud of our little boy. He continues to show such a talent year after year improving more and more. Its amazing that this is only his 3rd year playing ball. (He technically played 4 years but he was so young)
As you probably have noticed he plays catcher, most of the time. He is the lead catcher and has such a natural talent. Its bitter sweet. Hes good, really good, but its a HARD position to play, especially a full game behind the plate. It takes its toll and my heart goes out to him. He also plays other positions, some of his favorites are second base and pitching. He LOVES pitching, I on the other hand, am on the edge of my seat when he is pitching, its such an intense position with so much pressure.
So he made the Allstar team again this year and couldn't be more proud of him. It is such an honor.
So our life is still baseball.
They practice 6 days a week and the games start the first week of July.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bella's campout birthday party

It was our Niece Bella's 7th birthday. Its crazy how time flies. When Zack and I got together she was a newborn. I have watched this precious spunky baby and toddler grow to be a beautiful little girl. Since she also shares her birthday month with her little brother they decided to do a separate party for Bella for just her girlfriends.
That same day our was our cousins daughter Skylers first birthday party. Where we celebrated with a low country boil......some of you may have never heard of this. This is the benefit of marrying into a Southern family, Im sorry to say we here on the West Coast can not compare to the South and their cookin. I feel very blessed to get a little of both worlds. We kidnapped Jordan for the night to have a sleepover with Taylor, these two little girls dont get enough of each other.

Mr. Ayden being a big boy in the bounce house by himself.

Here is the bonfire, in their backyard. The benefit of living in the country. That would be Daves produce boxes in the back blocking the wind.

One of the girls tents.

Cole man lounging by the fire after smores.

Yup there he is Mr. Ayden.....with a mouth full of marshmallows!
(It looks like I did not post a picture of the birthday girl!! I will get one up there.....)