Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Dylan!!

Taylor and her Fishy (with crooked eyeballs)

There was a clown there that did sparkly fake tattoos and balloons. Madisyn used the balloons as weapons. Probably not the best thing to teach a 2 year old but it was sooo much fun and she started it. She is the cutest most adorable little aggressive little bugger ever. Can you tell im in love with this child. Really not sure why? haha So yes she went after everyone with her pretty little balloon flower with this gggrrrrr look on her face.

And tackled the clown

Me and My Hubby

Beautiful Aunt B

Peek a Boo let me through

The Hosts

The birthday boys Sissy.

Daddy helping make her gift bag. Thank you Daddy. What would we do without you? Mommy wouldnt be able to Socialize. :)

More popcorn please

So sweet.

She just looks like T-R-O-U-B-L-E!
OHHHH MAAAAAN Where the heck is Dylan you ask! OOOPS! I will fix that later. I must have been distracted when I was uploading my pictures the other night. Dag Nabbit!

AND NOW im caught up. I think. Good thing because we are about to get REALLLLLY busy!!!

Father Daughter Dance 2010

Our community has a Father Daughter Dance every year. A couple of our close friends take part in this every year. This year we decided Taylor was old enough to enjoy herself and last the whole evening. AND that she did. Apparently our little girl was a dancing MACHINE!! I forgot to upload the video.
The night before the dance Taylor asked me, "Do the daughters HAVE to dance with the Daddies or can they dance by themselves too?" Apparently she is her Mothers daughter. Something I have always loved, Dancing. Especially by myself. Selfish I know, but it works for me. ;)

Studly Handsome Daddies and their beautiful girls.


Taylor making crafts

Movin my hips like yea.....

Awwww so precious.

I love how in all the pictures Taylors hair is like WHOA, she was movin. No one else was though. Hmmm. Crazy wild child.

Dave and Sophia

This was her funny face....

The kiddos

Cole and Danielle.

See....Signature. THIS is why he makes it on all these TV shows. People just LOVE him. haha

Studly Handsome Daddy and his girl.

How we Celebrated....

With everyone we love. As you know my Father in law turned the BIG 7-0 so we celebrated with a Mardi Gras party.
It was a wonderful night with wonderful people, wonderful food, wonderful memories and laughs.
I mentioned a while back that I was working on a project and came across some problems with my computer. I was making a Video of him for his Birthday. Birth until now with some family history. 70 years is allot of pictures and memories. To spare you all the details I worked on it down to the wire. Literally. Packed the laptop in the car and some final touches on the drive to his home. It didnt turn out EXACTLY how I wanted it to but it was still perfect. I decided since I had a deadline I would present the draft version for him to enjoy. Then I would take my time to finalize the stuff I wanted. He had no idea I was doing it. Uncle Gorgy gathered us around for his entertainment which we find that we look forward to. For grandmothers birthday last year he wrote her a song which he sang to her. At most gatherings he has something up his sleeve. For my Father in law which is his Nephew. You see three brothers married three sisters. Its quite the tale. So the cousins are all double cousins. anyway....Uncle Gorgy roasted my F-I-L. It was great ;) Not to mention he is 91 and has a better memory than I do. amazing.

Goggy and Aunt Weezy with my FIL in the middle.
Coleman sporting the shwag

Karen (double cousin) Goggy, Uncle Gorgy Husband to Aunt Weezy sister to it? good.
What an awesome party and and awesome job Trace, you rocked it!!

Taylors pet pig
Host of Honor.......

HAHA THIS is my favorite pic!!