Thursday, September 30, 2010


This City has my Husband.
I would appreciate it if it gave him back and on time.
I think the chances of his flight being delayed are going to be more than likely thanks to the all too temperamental Hurricane Nicole. Although we should count our blessings, wind and pouring rain in 80 degree weather could be allot worse. For now I guess its ok and makes for an interesting trip.

Time together..

So our little girl loves her Daddy. She especially loves when Daddy spends quality time with her. She loves it, they both do. They thrive on it. One of her FAVORITE things to do with him is go fishing.  It makes my heart smile.

This picture was taken a year or so ago.


I am a few weeks ahead of this now Im hoping to get caught up blogging very soon! I also need to take some new prego pics. The most recent ones I have are not appropriate for the blog or FB. The belly is growing, that is for sure!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This is me right now. You might hear me tell someone I'm working with half a brain. Its true that's how I feel. Only part of me is listening, only part of my is paying attention, only part of me is thinking. The rest well, the rest is taking care of this baby girl of ours. Shes growing like a weed in here.
Looking over my post list I realized a few things. I forget to post about ALLOT of things. I'm not sure if I just skip them and pick up where I'm at at the moment or I don't intentionally skip them but assume I have already blogged about it. For instance.....

I have had 4 ultrasounds!! 4 yes you heard me right 4! I'm 20 weeks along. Do any of you recall seeing any of the Ultrasound pictures? (Other than on Facebook) Nope not a one. I haven't posted one. Do any of you recall me announcing that we are having a baby girl? (Other than on Facebook) Nope. Forgot to do that too. AND apparently when you think of my belly you picture me at 13 weeks right? YEP! since that is the ONLY belly pic I have posted on here. 13 weeks. I'm 20 weeks now. Maybe I should get caught up.

I have other things to blog about as well. Like more baseball. Soccer for the girl. Then no soccer for the girl. I will explain more later. Family bike rides yummy recipes. I may or may not get to that. I had a thought that I wanted to post some of my Favorite recipes. Things I love to cook at home, things that I am requested to make etc. I need to remember all this you know. Oh and Stacy I made those yummy cinnamon rolls you sent me the recipe for. Like two months ago. I will send you a pic ;) Birthday parties etc. etc. and etc. We are a busy little family of 4.
I will get to it, I promise. I just hope I don't forget about it. I do that allot these days. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fairies, Tutus, cupcakes Galore!

Happy Birthday Miss Taylor Mae and Haley! You two were absolutley adorable in your little Tinker Bell costumes. We had so much fun! This Mommy ALWAYS has fun especially when there is yummy food for me to enjoy!
And that perfect little Angel Kitty had to go get her shots. What do you know she was the perfect little angel kitty that she is. She didnt cry or bite or scratch the Vet. She was wonderful! Maybe this is a sign for easy content children in our home! Or maybe......well who knows!

Heartburn, Indigestion...

These are my BESTEST BUDDY right now. I dont remember being not quite 5 months pregnant and having heartburn like this. WHOOLLLYY SHMOOOLLLLYYYY! Im on FIRE! Everything gives me heartburn!!!!! Wish me luck people ;) 

Friday, September 3, 2010


I LOVE making these little things. I have found that they make the BEST little birthday gifts for our little girls especially the ones that already have everything. AND to top it off, its such a release for me. There is something about being crafty when its quiet in the house and I dont have to think, just work my fingers. It is sooo relaxing!
This one was for my friend Melissa's daughter, and she looked soooo adorable in it!!

Cooling off

It was hot that day so after school got out Daddy promised Taylor he would take her swimming at Nana's house. Mommy sat in the shade and watched them swim. I wasnt up for it that day :(

Our first day!

The story of her first day of School. For years she has attended her brothers Open House and all sorts of School festivities. Her reply was always "When do I get to start school?" We always told her soon. Secretly wishing time would stay still. This little girl of ours was growing up way too fast. We prepped her for weeks about school(Much longer but who's counting). She was so excited, I was so nervous.  The big morning came and we got to her big girl school and she wasn't so excited anymore. She was nervous she had fear all over her face. I will never forget watching her walk in front of me across the cross walk with the flow of all the bigger kids. Her head was held high and she had such a pep in her step. I watched her and I felt something in my chest something huge. It was such a moment. She was clearly growing up. We got across the street and got closer to the Kindergarten area and she reached for my hand. I dont care how old she gets or how much goes on, when your child reaches for your hand searching out that security, it will ALWAYS be such a wonderful feeling. 
We meeted and greeted all the parents and kids coming in. Some familiar faces some not so familiar faces. We walked the playground so she could check it all out. (We did this the day before too.) She DID NOT want to take off her backpack. She was not ready for that yet. Finally she got comfortable and took off her backpack and then the whistle blew, it was time to line up. Her eyes started watering and her lips started trembling. Oooooh Noooooo!! We stood in line and she clung to me. It was soon time to make her way in the classroom and she was still clinging to me crying. hard. I kept my big glasses on and my reassuring Mommy voice that everything was going to be ok as I ignored the lump in my throat and the tears in my eyes. I couldnt let her see how devastated I was.
I came back to pick her up a couple hours later and she was so excited. She loves her teacher and she loves Kindergarten. I am SOOOO relieved!!

Cole is growing up sooooo fast. It feels like just yesterday I was dropping him off at Kindergarten and now he is in Jr. High! Where has the time gone? He walked to school with his Sissy and I and then went on his way. He starts switching classes this year and he absolutely loves it!

I think we are going to have a good year ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Littly Missy

Our new Kitty. Found her in a box outside of Target and just HAD to give her a home. She has been the BEST little kitty!!
She does not how to get a little frisky though.

A glimpse at our Monkey....

This is when we discovered you were a little precious girl. I have to say Daddy was REALLY hoping for a boy. You see, that big sister of yours, she is quite the handful from the time she was in my belly until now. The Dr.'s would always tell me how feisty she was. I was always proud to hear that. I was also not thinking about my future with that feisty little baby. She has kept us on our toes every day since. But that is for another post.  That was one of the reasons Daddy wanted a boy. I also secretly wanted a boy in the beginning when we first found out. Then my preference changed, I wanted that feisty sister of yours to have a sister to enjoy everything about have a sister. I sort of knew you were going to be a girl, but I had to keep quite because I wanted someone else to deliver the news to your Daddy. He is ok with it now.  Girls are very special to their Daddy's. I can explain it. You will see. You will have him wrapped around your little finger just like your sister does. 
I am excited to discover what you are like. What you look like what your personality is like. Im anxious. You are much different in my belly then your sister was. When the Dr. looks for your heartbeat you comply. No fuss, just there. During your ultrasound you were nestled all up to Mommy. They lady wanted to make you mad so you would move around a little bit so she had me roll over. You would just readjust yourself and get all cozy. I wonder if this is a little sign of your personality. Just easy going. Im so excited to meet you, but you stay in there in get big and healthy for your grand entrance to our Life. We will anxiously wait for you.
Your Mommy

And you thought you knew.....

1. We have never gone on a family vacation or honeymoon for that matter, other than a night here or there, and we are desperately overdue. I allow life to get in the way and sports really dictate our life right now.

2. I have huge pet peeves around the house that make me crazy, which I should probably let go most of the time but it instantly puts me in a grumpy mood. For example, when someone doesn't ring out the kitchen sponge (its left full of water), if the toilet paper is not put on the "thing" or put on backwards or when the kids use the towels in the front bathroom that are "for looks".

3. I am a plain jane or Simpleton. Most of my clothes are plain solid colors lots of black and white. I like plain coffee. I like shortbread, sugar cookies, vanilla flavors, nothing over the top or too rich. I eat a taco and burrito from taco bell. Most likely given a choice I will always choose the most simple of options and my daughter is exactly the same.

4. When I'm not pregnant I can almost NEVER finish a soda or a drink or a candy bar or It could take me all day.

5. I would rather read a book then watch TV or a movie. If I'm home alone I never turn on the TV.

6. I am VERY shy about getting gifts, for myself for my family or for the kids. I HATE opening gifts in front of people. BUT if you really knew me you would know that I LOVE getting gifts. It makes me feel loved and that makes me feel shallow. Maybe that's why Im shy about it, I secretly love it but don't know how to react or act about it! haha

7. I can eat Fresh Chips and salsa all day long for breakfast lunch and dinner.

8. I have very thin young girl hair and I dislike it very much!

9. I hate fake cheese like out of a can or in between crackers.

10. I dont like oreos and will rarely if ever eat things that get stuck in my teeth.

11. I envy stay at home Moms right now, it takes every ounce of my being to go to work everyday. I have a HUGE desire to be home.

12. I am married to a wonderful man. Our daughter likes to play with him more than with me and I am ok with that.

13. I am VERY sensitive to smells and am OCD about hygiene.

14. I feel guilty spending money on myself and would rather spend it on my husband and kids.

15. I think about my Grandpa at least once everyday. I also feel guilty if I go too long without talking to my Grandma and get overwhelmed by what she is going through.

16. I vowed to be very active during this pregnancy and eat good. My plan has not worked. I currently weigh more than when I delivered Taylor.

17. I struggle with being pushy or rude with people. Which is good and bad. Especially with Customer Service I have a hard time telling people when I am not happy with Something. My husband is the polar opposite and am ok with him doing my dirty work. ;)

18. I am a Virgo and I love astrology.

19. I LOVE the smell of coffee

20. I hate when water is left running or cupboards are left open. I cant turn on the shower and walk away while I wait for it to get warm. I have to stand there. I cant leave the water running while I brush my teeth. Open cupboards makes me a little crazy.

21. I have very sensitive teeth so I have to brush my teeth with warm water.

22. I read allot and bring a book with me EVERYWHERE. Just in case i get stuck waiting. One of my favorite places to shop is Amazon because I can buy new books for a penny before shipping. LOVE IT!

23. I cant watch scary movies or read scary books and I cant watch  the news or anything like that before I go to bed or I will get nightmares. ESPECIALLY when I am pregnant. I have had some very scary very vivid dreams while being pregnant.

24. I am almost done and I have run out of things to say.

25. I am VERY excited about our new little bundle of joy. It seems like this is the longest pregnancy ever and I still have so far to go!!

So I thought that would be much easier than it was!! It is rather difficult to think of 25 random things about your self!! I challenge you to do the same! ;)