Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The kids all had dentist/ortho appts. today. This is like our second home. Our Dentist is also an Orthodontist, which is nice, because then we only have to go to one place for everything. It seems like we are there ALL the time though. He has to go in every 3 weeks. We actually just started coordinating with my Sister in law because our nephew Jace has the same schedule as Cole, every three weeks. So we switch off, it is really nice.

So this time Taylor got her teeth cleaned. I thought the glasses were hilarious! What is even funnier is Coleton had to wear these same glasses last week, when he got his teeth cleaned. I didnt get a picture of him though. He probably wouldnt have like it if I posted it on here anyway. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

The life of my hair....

Written and stared by Taylor Rose Brenner.....

I thought since her birthday is less than a month away I would post random things about her from now until then. Coletons birthday is in May so I will do the same for him!

See the difference when you put a little product in the hair! ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A birthday wish list.....

So I have had a few requests asking what Taylor would like for her birthday. I send my usual, favorite toys, clothes and sizes etc. Since Taylor will be 4, and is very adament about what she likes and wants. She is VERY good about voicing herself and very strong at standing her ground with what she wants. Two very good charicteristics to have as a woman, two very challenging characteristics to have as a child. I decided to sit down with her last night and let her create her wish list. I promised myself that I would let this be "her" wish list and would relay it exactly how she says it. I wish I could tell you that little Missy only requested a couple things, a new baby doll or to just have some birthday cake but that wasnt the case. Apparently we have done a great job depriving our little princess of the things she REALLY wants, so bear with me, here is Taylor's birthday wish list, for the record.

New baby doll, well a couple baby dolls
Pink car (me.."like a toy car, a barbie car...?") NO a BIG car like Mommies!
BIG GIANT libing pink (living room)
New PJ's.....Dora, Barbie and Princesses
Black fireplace with sticks in it (she was looking around the room haha)
Pink Clock (taylor..."Did you write that Mommy? Make sure you are writing...ok annnnnd")
Princess Castle radio
GIANT kitchen
table and chairs for my tea seats and new teapot
a necklace and the thing.....(as shes holding her wrists) (me..."a bracelet") Yes a bracelet
a tent house for me, a GIANT one...(Cole..."a big one? a big enough one for me to play in?") (taylor......"a small tent house for me")
Moobies (movies)
art projects for me and Kayla (her cousin)
lip gloss.....Hannah Montana lip gloss
flip flops, lots of flips flops
tennis shoes
petshops (littlest pet shop)
bathing suit you (perfume)
cleaning spray for her new table (!! whaaaat! what 3 yr old wants cleaning products for their birthday?!)
babydoll changing station
swing for my babydolls
allot of nurf guns so I can share por my broder (share for my brother.....aaaahhhh she does want to share with him!)


Well there it is....Taylor Rose's Birthday wish list! Oh and she thinks her Nanie might bring her these things while she is sleeping! Hey shes not asking for much! This might be a very humbling birthday experience this year lol!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing around....

So after Taylor's bath last night she went and got my blow dryer. She asked me if we could blow dry her hair. Our usual routine consists of detaingler, curl defining cream a brush and a ponytail or braids. (Depending on the mood) She can be a real stinker when it comes to her hair. She LOVES ponytails. Its the easiest but can be boring and get really messy fast. Taylor's hair has gone through a few changes since she was born. When she was born she had a TON of black hair. At a few months old it all fell out and came back straight and strawberry blond. Then the transition really starting happening, it was very apparent that she would be a blond with lots of curls. It really shocked me at how blond she is though, I was sure it would darken up by now. So far she has my texture and Zack's curl. We have had her hair trimmed a few times but nothing major. The last month or so Zack and I have wanted to take her to get a hair cut, we knew she needed one. When her hair is wet and brushed out it goes to the bottom of her waist. I'm not ready to really cut it cut it, just clean it up a few inches.
So back to last night, we whipped out the blow dryer. With the use of the brush and my fingers her hair was straightening a little bit. So I decided to have some fun. I turned my flat iron on and whaaaaa laaaa!

The pictures are not very clear because they were taken from my phone.
She was very proud of her hair! ;)

If you look closely, her hair actually goes to the bottom of her shirt. It is so light that you almost don't see it. You can really tell that she needs a cut here.

So I didn't do a complete straightening job but you get the idea. I didn't want to fry her hair.

We decided we like her curls so much more!! Hehe. Although I'm sure when she is older, SHE will ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! ;)
By the way, I have a new found respect for curly hair. When I was a little girl I dreamed of having Taylor's hair. As a Mommy with a daughter with curly hair, let me tell you it is NOT easy! I never thought I would have to by my 3 year old hair products. I also never thought that Suave would not do the trick.

This is what Taylor's "Hair products" consist of.
Bed Head Foxy curls shampoo and conditioner (Don't even try to not use conditioner, DOES not work)
Paul Mitchell children's detaingling spray (This should be on my favorites list, this stuff is AMAZING, forget the green apple suave or ANY other detaingler it doesn't work for her, this is the only detaingler that I have found that works,,,,,of course!)
Aquage curl defining cream
Redken curl spray gel (sometimes, not everyday
and sometimes Mommy's hairspray, to keep the fly aways back

If we don't use anything then its an instant frizz ball. Poor girl. It really is so much work!
So my plan is to get her hair cut this weekend. Its time. :(

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sick Furlough days.....

As most of you know that State of California is in a huge economic crisis. Our Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking desperate measures to cut costs. One of these measures happens to have a huge impact on the State workers, heres where I come in. Since I work for the State, Department of Transportation, I am directly affected. Although our department is not generally funded we are federally funded and get most of our money through grants and bonds etc. We were not impacted by any layoffs. Since we are under the Governors direct authority the furloughs do apply to us. So for the next 17 months (unless a court order stops it sooner) we are required to take 2 work furlough days a month. The first and third Friday of the month. This will result in a 9.23% pay reduction. Uggghhh. Although the pay reduction does suck (excuse me) I am very grateful to still have a job. :)
So today was my first Furlough Friday off. I was actually very relieved to have a day off. Many of you know how difficult it is to both work full time, enjoy our children and all their activities and maintain our home. It is constant, constant energy, constant work, constant focus. It can be difficult and very trying at times. Then it can be easy and fun and everything just seems to fall into place and it all works. Everyones happy. :) So this is why I was relieved to have these extra couple days off a month, no guilt for calling into work or requesting time off. Just time off. Time for me to get all the things done that I put off, time to get caught up, time to get ready for the weekend. Then actually get to enjoy my weekend and not have to worry about all those projects I put off and still need to do. You see how this is becoming a little blessing in disguise. ;)
Ok so I didnt get nearly EVERYTHING done that I wanted to today but, I made a HUGE dent.
I woke up this morning at 2am to a little baby girl calling for her Mommy. Little side note here....Isnt it amazing how any other thing that wakes you in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, we are a little dazed, a little blurry and it takes just an extra couple of minutes to get our composure. That desperate cry for Mommy at any hour of the day or night finds us wide awake and ready to go. SO......I wake up at 2 am to find our baby girl burning up. Then every half hour to hour after that. Its now 6:45 and shes conked out. This has been how our day was. She takes some tylenol and shes all ready to go, then the tylenol wears off and the fevers back. At 4:00 it was at 103.8. Uggghhhh, my poor baby, my heart breaks seeing her like this. So helpless, restless and dazed. You can just see it in her eyes.
Theres some type of virus going around, its an odd one. My niece and nephew had it this week, same thing. Just fevers, nothing else. As much as I hate fevers, I know they are good, her body is doing what its supposed to. I am soooo grateful its not the stomach flu. THAT IS THE WORSE!
Another downer for today. We made plans for my niece Mikayla to spend the night. We were going to have a girls night, rent a girly cartoon movie, bake some cookies and do some type of crafty project together. This is ALL Taylor has talked about all week. Everyday she asks, "So how many more days till Kayla stays the night wish me? Can I call her?" Our little plans fell through, I had to break her poor little heart today. She kept telling me, "But Mommy im not sick, I just have a little fever..."
Well shes up and shes crying so Im off.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A few of my favorite things.....

A friend of mine recently did this on her blog, I liked the idea, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite things. Please keep in mind these are "things" material things.

I am absolutely in love with these flipflops. I don't buy any other brand. We all know summer days are longer and we seem to be on our feet more. Who wants to wear tennis shoes all summer, not me. I used to buy all brands of flip flops the cheaper the better right? That means you can buy more and in more colors. Well I noticed at the end of the day, my feet hurt, my legs hurt and my back hurt. Uggh. Not with these bad boys, sooo comfy! The quality is excellent and they are super cute!

"Barefoot Un-Technology" that's all I'm going to say. Sanuk is Thai for Happiness and balance. These are not shoes, there sandals.

These are not shoes that I wear, not that I wouldn't if I found a pair that suited me. My husband and children love these. This pair in particular I just got for Taylor, she got shoes like "Daddy, Bubba, Brett and Danielle!" They are like no other shoe/sandal. Check out the website and see what they are all about.

My running shoes. My golden ticket to being healthy. I do actually have this pair and I LOVE them. Probably one of the most comfy tennis shoes I have ever owned.

Sony Cyber shot 15x zoom. THIS is the camera I want. My sister in law has this camera and I love it. It has so many cool features that are so easy to use. The 15x zoom is awesome, seriously you can reach out so far and its so clear! You can also switch from Black and white to Sepia to Vivid and back to normal color. So many little features that make for such good pictures. This is my next purchase, for me. :)

Our FAVORITE bakery. My favorite part of parties/get togethers is ordering the cake. When I want to indulge a little, I go here. Everything is amazing!

Gold Canyon Candles. THE BEST! I PROMISE! REALLY! There is not another candle on the market that compares to these. (well that I know of) I have burned these candles for about 8 years now. Im hooked and wont even waste my money on anything else. I do sell them as well, just in case anyone wants to experience some YUMMY fragrances in their home. If you want more info just ask.

My IPOD!! Mine is actually silver with a pretty pink cover that my hubby got me. This thing goes everywhere with me. I love that I can just plug it into my car and all my favorite music is at my fingertips! Not to mention when you are doing cardio alone it helps to make it go by faster. I love that this little thing holds so much about me. There is a remedy for every type of mood on here, just a click away.

Ok this is one of my prized possessions right now. I got this as a Xmas gift from two very special people. Who would have known how wonderful a robe could be. It is the softest thing ever, hence its name. "Sweetest, Softest ever robe" by Bath and Body works. Everyone needs one!

I know random....hairspray. Weird. But really its scrumptious. My fav! Just the smell of it won me over! I dont like hairspray that is too hard, that you cant get your fingers through. This is perfect! Also has a pretty little shine to it.

WELL I guess that is it. Some of my favorite things, I could keep going, but for now I will stop.