Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another obsession......

She likes to take pictures of herself.
She also cut her own bangs a couple weeks ago.
Curly hair+bangs=No good!
FYI*She doesnt really like them either and told me she should have cut them shorter so you couldnt see them! AAAAAA! I had to sit down and explain that one to her.......
The weekend before this happened, she cut her baby dolls hair off and I thought to myself how lucky we have been that she hasnt cut her own hair. THAT should have been my RED FLAG!
Our nephew Jace used to cut his hair ALL the time. Shaved off his eyebrows and took clippers to his hair many times. My sister in law used to call soooo upset.

Taylors new bangs......this is after the bath and her hair does all sorts of crazy if I dont put stuff in it....


Her favorite thing to do

This is pretty much her favorite thing to do right now. She LOVES riding her bike!
A couple months ago we took her training wheels off her bike, she did awesome but still a little wobbly. It was a little frustrating for her to not be able to go out and jump on her bike all by herself. So Daddy took her to buy a smaller bike and she was SO proud of it! I came home to her pedaling her little bike as fast as her legs would let her. She LOVED IT!
Shortly after that she attempted the big bike by herself again and off she went. Now she is a pro attempting all kinds of little tricks! Im not kidding, the other day she pulled her leg to the other side (both legs on one side) to show me her tricks!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Grahams Halloween Party

The Friday before Halloween we were invited to an Adult Halloween party by some good friends of ours. It was nice to get out for a couple hours and be adults.
The Grahams definitely know how to throw a party! I talked to Patricia months before this and she was telling me she wanted to have a Halloween party but wasn't sure because when she has a party she has to go all out, and that she did. A guest list well over 100, a dance floor, a DJ, a margarita machine and a FABULOUS time.

The Hosts, Patricia and Dave Graham.

Some of the decor.

Some of the costumes.

The Pridmores.

The Brenner's ;)

Probably one of my favorite people, Tana. I love her! She was an 80's rock chick.

Tana and Patricia.

The DJ was fully equipped including lights that follow the beat of the music and the fog machine. Which made for some awesome pictures. One of the things I love about Patricia is we share the love of dancing. Who would have thought she owned her own dance floor, lights and all! It was perfect ;)

This is probably my favorite.

The Gully's, Batman and Cat woman.

My runaway patient. lol

The Hart's.

Some more decor. This little guy was hanging on the other side of a glass door. A little creepy, at first glance it appears like someone is standing there.

80's Rock chick (Tana), Flo from Progressive (Erin Snyder) and yours truly.

The Funkner's, the Cave people.

This would be The Redneck (our fire chief) and someone he picked up at the party, our dear friend Doug, lol.

The Host, Dave

My Hubby.....

Their costumes were my favorite. Simple but freaked everyone out.

We had an awesome time being adults for an evening! Thank you for an awesome party!
Thank You Nana for watching our kiddos for the night.