Tuesday, January 17, 2012

almost there

This little girl is almost 1. Just a few weeks away. With Taylor anytime anyone would ask how shes doing and how old she was I would always reply very excited...oh shes almost 15 months can you believe it!!
Oh no not with Brooklyn. It makes me sad every time I have to say how old she is going to be. I know its because its our last baby. I laid in bed last night watching videos of her on my phone. Made me sad to see how fast she is growing and learning.
So its official she is almost 1.

 This little chunky baby who isnt so chunky. We love her so much.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dragging my heels

Im having a hard time looking ahead. Not necessarily looking ahead but moving forward. Usually when the new year shows its fresh face I am ready! For some reason this year Im not. Im stuck reflecting and yearning and missing. The Holidays were a breeze that trickled through our home and Im sad they are gone, so Im stuck looking back. This year was off a little. Each Holiday from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years. No Huge reason just off. Im sure it was a little grief missing a few loved ones mixed in with other things. So instead of holiding on to it im vowing to move forward.
Today our baby is 11 months old. This breaks my heart. Im not ready. She has started walking and everyday she gets braver and braver. I want her to crawl or sit on her round little baby bottom forever. Im not ready for my baby to walk. 2012 means shes not a baby anymore. It means in one month we will be celebrating a 1st birthday. Ugh. TIME flies faster than we can even blink our eyes. I know this. I say this all the time but I dont give it enough credit. It really is true.
2012 also means the middles child will be 7 and the Big Boy will be 15. Wow!
So instead of feeling sad im going to get started. Getting back to my routine and start planning some birthdays. Happy 2012 people, Lets hope for THE BEST!! Our family sure is READY! ;) (now I am, I think)