Monday, January 18, 2010

Date Night

We had a family date night on Friday night. Chilis and bowling. FUN TIMES!!
I think we will do it again. ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My little Rosey

Oh my little Rosey. I felt the need to write you a little letter today. So one day I can look back and remember these times. You are starting Kindergarten soon. I am having a really hard time swallowing it. It seems like just yesterday you were my squishy cheek chubby thigh baby. Oh how I miss that and wish I could do it allll over again. You are growing up way too fast its hard for me to keep up. You have taught me so much about life and about love. I thought I had it all and knew almost all before you blessed my life. Its amazing how innocent we truly are. I find myself running through the days just to keep up with you. I dont want to do that anymore. I need to slow down because I have discovered I wont ever get these days back.
You love testing Mommy and Daddy and I find myself frustrated and asking myself lots and lots of questions and often times doubting myself. Oh you love when I question or doubt myself. Your like a horse or a dog you feed off of it. You sense that question in my voice or my eyes and you ruuuun like the wind. AND THAT is how we have come to be wrapped tightly around that little finger of yours. You have such strong personality characteristics it amazes me. Its like you have taken the strongest traits from both of us and just pulled them together. You are stubborn, strong willed, smart, particular, a true leader, caring, silly and soooo many more things. I am at a crossroads and deciding which way to turn. I know the right road but its hard for Mommy to get in motion. You have reached the end of your napping days. I soooo dont want to take them away from you because you LOVE them at preschool but Mommy is a little tired. 11-12 takes its toll fast and starting to affect other little things, like me being able to go to the gym in the morning, like me being able to end your naps, you know those sorts of things. Im really sorry I have to do this but its time we turn the page and start this next chapter. I am trying really really hard to accept that you are not my little baby anymore. It makes my heart hurt and my eyes burn though.
I love who you are even when you are persistent to say it mildly. I do because I know that even though its a struggle for Mommy and Daddy this little personality of yours is going to get you very far in your life. I know that you wont settle for less. I know that when you want something no wall will stand in your way. You amaze me and I wish I had half the courage that you posses.
So lets work on this bed time issue so this tired Mommy can get a break and we will be good to go. No more late night partying! No more late night sneaking into the kitchen to get some goodies. . Im always surprised at what I will find when I turn your light on in the morning. and I thought you were sleeping.

Im going to leave you with this picture. Remember this. I didnt know if I should laugh hysterically or be mortified. I still dont know but you sure gave Aunt Teppie and I something to talk about. Thank you Aunt Teppie for the quick thinking to pull the phone out and snap a picture. haha
I guess you were curious what was under those clothes! Im just glad no one saw you before I did. Who isnt curious about big Under Armour Dude though?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yes I do

I saw this and thought it was pretty funny!
Defensive much.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

BOYYYY do I look TIRED!!
We rang in the new year we some dear friends. The night was spent laughing, eating, toasting the bubbly, laughing, eating, playing games, eating.....well you get the picture.

THIS is Zacks eyeball. I know sort of creepy but cool huh!
Our friend Dave is an AWESOME photographer and he loves close ups. He was playing a little with the camera and delivered these crazy pictures to us.
Doesnt Zack have beautiful eyes?! When I was pregnant with Taylor I (and my mom) wanted her to have his eyes. No such luck.

Mo and I. This woman is a 12 year old in a (wont say her real age) body. We can always count on a good laugh when she is around. Seriously.

Miss Rosey peeping in on the action.

Taylors eye. She has such fair skin.

Mommys tired eye.

Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Whhhhooooop Johnny. Some game the kids play and were teaching Zack. haha

No No like this!......

Us and our Douger!

My Dear Tana.

She loves me, yes she does. ;)

Playing some apples to apples! LOVE this game. and thats not nice DAVE!

We were informed that the Heptners got the most photogenic family award for the night! I do have to agree!! Whatever Dave! I was tired and a little overweight! BUT im fixing that!! HA HAAAA
Yes Cole was here.....but wheeerre was he. Not in front of the camera apparently. Darn kid! We do love him! I promise I didnt leave out pictures of him. He just hides out.
It was a great night spent with great people! Here is to 2010! Let it be a good year!