Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Say Goodbye......

It was a bit of a sad weekend for a couple of my favorite things in my life. It all started Sunday morning. We went to my sister-in-law Erin's house. Side note they own Daves Pumpkin Patch (www.Davespumpkinpatch.com) so for half of September and almost all of October we spend allot of time there. It is wonderful memories for our children, not to mention the entertainment. Well anyway, I will post about that later.
So Sunday Morning the children are outside being children playing. The boys are being boys and always end up in the muddy water. Another side note. They live on a "farm" in West Sacramento. Dave is a real life farmer and grows fabulous fruits and vegetables. Well needless to say he has to irrigate so it doesn't matter what time of the year it is, you can always find muddy water at Uncle Dave and Auntie Erin's house. The boys LOVE LOVE the muddy water. Well being the 11 year old boy Cole is, he forgot to take MY phone out of his pocket. (No I don't let him carry my phone around on a normal basis) he has been using it while Dad is out of town. Its toast, total water logged. Its ok though I forgave him, also mentioned to him not to ask for a cell phone till he is at least 16 years old. That's reasonable right?

Later that day we went to the Italian Festival as previously mentioned. During our laughter filled photo shoot Mr. Coleton stepped on my sunglasses. Yes my fault for leaving them on the grass. (could have swore I put them in the stroller, but whatever) They did go down gracefully I do have to say. I mean an 11 year old foot can do some damage. Only one arm snapped off. I wouldn't even bring this up if they weren't my most favoritest glasses EVER! And irreplaceable. I have spent far too much money on Sunglasses so I luckily stopped buying the expensive ones. It doesn't matter if they are $10 or $150, toddler fingers can do wonders. So Target has been my friend, well up until now. Yes they discontinued my favorite glasses. I have visited 3 stores and even looked online. I have posted a couple pictures to share.

Moments before their tragic death.

Im pretty sure at this moment Cole was hiding the glasses from me. You see that look. Mmmmhhhmmmm.

I just wanted to mention. I have fixed these glasses a few too many times over the last few months. They were good to me for a long long time. The best $12 I have ever spent. Ok well $24 this was actually my second pair of the same ones. Had I known I wouldn't be able to find them again, I would have stocked up. Rest in Peace most favorite sunglasses, and loyal phone. Im sorry I mistreated you.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here it goes...

I have been wanting to start this blog and havent had allot of time. To be honest I didnt know where to start. So much happens in our little world it changes everyday. This will be a way to keep everyone up to date. I will start with today and move forward.Today was my sister-in-law Deana's bday. We went to the Italian Festival (since my Husband is Italian) at the Dante Club. Happy Birthday Deana we love you!!

As you know my husband Zachary is working out of town, so he wasnt there to share this day with us. Although we miss him soooo much it was good for us to have a fun family day filled with endless laughter. Lets face it when you get the Brenner/Vierra children together its inevitable.

Miss Bella....well she is extra special. The picture explains it all....

Deana, Erin, Stephanie and me...

With My Mother-in-law......yea she has her hands full!


Ayden and Mr. Ruffie....."Mr.Ruffie, its you and me man....you got to hold your head up!"
Girls will be girls.....doesnt matter how old we are......

She learns from the BEST!!

Coleman and Jace......

For ONCE....Coleton is not on top pinning Jace down!

Our children....and their Mother and Auntie