Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Morning AND STUFF

I love Christmas morning. I love that Im more excited and always wake up earlier than the kids. I love that my husband does too and we usually get to enjoy a cup of coffee together before the kiddos wake up. THIS year we had to wake the kids up and Nana even came over in time to watch there joyous faces. Its my favorite morning all year.
Im usually way sleep deprived because I stay up extra extra late wrapping presents. Which is ok because we stay in our PJ's all day.

Taylor is in a daze staring at the fire......protecting all her loot from her stocking.

Coles new hunting mask. A little scary if you ask me!!
My camera is in the process of being fixed. If you remember a few months ago Little Rosey dropped my camera. Its finally being fixed/replaced. Soooo 90% of the pictures on this blog since then have been from my phone. Including these on this post. I notice I dont blog as much because a big part of the effect is having some nice pictures to include. Soon people soon.
Zack has a BIG family. There are 7 siblings of which 5 live local. We are also very close with his cousins. Soooo we did a Christmas party every year, usually its the day before Christmas eve and we do Appetizers and desserts. This year we did the get together on Christmas Eve and did dinner. Everyone comes over including some close friends and of course my family. This year my father in law and his wife went to visit her family in Florida and we missed them dearly! My grandparents were also missed and our dear Goggy (Zacks Grandmother). Whom just turned 89. Shes getting up there in age and wanted to get in a visit back home where a majority of Zacks family is, in Alabama and Georgia. It really wasnt the same with out them.
There was still about 35 people. Next year I think we will rent a Hall or something! My poor home barely fits everyone.
As soon as I get the pictures from my sister I will post them.
Until now. Thats all folks. (Did I really just say that?! YES I DID!!)

For the girls....

Ive been busy making these beauties. The girls love them.
Im thinking of making one for myself.
Maybe I will wear it while Im cleaning the house........

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What do I like?

Im pretty sure not everyone is THAT interested in my favorite things but I AM!! :)
I like to be able to look back and see how my interest and preferences change.
Ok, and I love hearing about the things people love because you just never know what you don't know about and might stumble across. ;) favorite. Gold Canyon Candles! They are SCRUMPTIOUS and always deliver just what I am looking for. Seriously.

My current scent

This ones always good too! I change it up all the time! Depends on the season, the reason and the mood.

LOVE these gems! No need for explaining


I bake allot of cupcakes. Sometimes Im told a little too late that cupcakes are on the menu, this can of awesomeness is perfect for just that! Simple, easy, perfect, Yummy goodness! My only gripe is the can does not frost as many cupcakes as it says. Maybe that is user error, so what if I put too much frosting on our cupcakes! Works perfect for the kids too, decorating cookies or gingerbread houses.

LOVE the whole sweater dress tights style right now. So comfy cozy and warm. AND sometimes I might rock it with some leg warmers. DONT judge! I can still wear heels look cute and be warm.

AWESOME store! That all Im going to say! You must GO!

A daily necessity. There is just no other way for me.

This lotion is great! Really it is. I am loyal fan and buyer of Bath and Body. I have very sensitive skin so I have to be careful. Bath and body gives me these red bumps on the back of my arms. Not cute and rather irritating. THIS lotion is my savior! Really! Its for a good cause, it smells yummy and it does the job I paid for it to do. TRY IT! My only gripe....a little does not go a long way and VERY quickly absorbs which is good except for when you are going to rub it in and only make it half way down your arm.

Hmmmmmmm I thought I had more. I guess that is it for now.......What are some of YOUR favorites? PLEASE DO SHARE!!
And if you are dying to try some yummy goodness from Gold Canyon....I just might be your gal.....;)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The First Bird

For today.....
and his hunting season....

We let Cole play Hookie today. I know I'm bad. Well don't you fret there was some grilling going on prior to the decision being made.

Do you have Homework? Nope

Have you had Homework all week? Nope (I already knew the answer just a trick question)

What are you doing in class tomorrow? Nothing

Do you have a test tomorrow? Nope

Do you have any tests this week? Nope

Do you have any papers in your backpack that I need to see? Nope


He does get out of School on Friday for Xmas break. He did have a minimum day yesterday.......OOOOOOKKKK I guess.

You can go hunting tomorrow and skip school.

I probably shouldn't be putting that on here but what the heck. He was the first one to get a bird! SO EXCITING!!

Thanks Uncle Dave for letting the little guy tag along! Turning out to be a pretty good little Hunter!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Not much better than that

Taylor made this. This way you never run out of frosting to lick off of the candles.
Cup O frosting!


Im sorry Taylor Rosie.....but when you are older you are not going to like these pictures too much. Well.....who am I kidding you can tell by the pictures she didnt want me taking them anyway.......oops.
Little story....
Taylor got her Kindergarten shots last week. The next morning she woke up with a 103 degree fever. The fever stuck around all day and around bed time she spiked at 104.3 YIKES!! Talked to the Dr. and I alternated the motrin and tylenol to keep her fever down. The little heater box slept between Daddy and Mommy that night and even with all the medicine it never went below 101-102.
Mommy was sick about it and spent the better part of two days glued to her side.
Daddy does not do well when this little one is sick. Not well at all. He will literally do ANYTHING she wants. He even offered to buy her a pony.
I can handle the kids being sick. Its REALLY hard for me when they run fevers. I know its good. I know its healthy and right but it still is hard.
The hardest part was her hallucinating. No JOKE! She woke up from what appeared to be a nightmare and I was sitting next to her on the couch. You could tell in her eyes she was not seeing Mommy. It was scary. She reaching out her hands to touch my face and kept saying No No NO! Then she cupped her hands around my cheeks and I was scared. I didnt let her know that obviously. I kept telling her that its not real, Mommy is here. You are having a bad dream and its not real, See Mommy is here.
I could live without going through that again.
So I had to capture a little of Miss Taylor Rose and the product of spending a couple days on the couch and in Mommy and Daddy's bed........
Are you ready.......
Well here you go!
She was feeling better in these pictures.
She didnt want me taking a picture of her.......or her messy room.

OOOHHH YEAAA!!! Ladies and Gentlemen....THIS is some bed to the shower we go!
Her hair reaches past the middle of her back on a normal day.

UFC Nights

We had fight night at our house last Saturday. It was one of the funnest most exhausting nights I have had in a long time.
At the end of the night our friend Doug said, "Every time someone came to the door, a couple more kids wearing diapers followed. We are in for a wild night! lol" Keep in mind, he has three kids all of which are out of diapers. Brett is 15 Danielle is 12 and Ryan is 9.
We were in for a wild night. I felt like I was a ringleader in the Circus.
Good thing I always over do it and plan waaaay too much food. We enjoyed Fiesta night! My sister made enchiladas, Jen made Taco salad, Tana made spanish rice and margaritas, and I made this yummy sausage dip, Taco soup and hot apple cider. YUMMY!

My sister and Brother in law came with my nieces Mikayla and Madisyn.

Glued to the tube.

This is what the boys do when we party. Coleman and a few of his friends. Please disregard the caos that was my house. What are you to do with a ton of little munchkins under the age of five funning around. You definitely let them go, otherwise, you feel like you are trying to cage cats. Im serious. So pretty sure you will notice a lunch pail, a baby doll, and one of the pictures I saw my dust pan and broom lying in the middle of the floor.

I did cover the dining table and let the kids go on some cookies and gingerbread houses. They LOVED it!

As you can see! I am still sweeping up sprinkles.

Off to Tennessee

Our cousin Krista and her girls are moving back to Tennessee. Its a little bittersweet for us in many ways. We of course are going to miss her and the girls. Taylor especially. Jordan and Taylor are exactly a month apart and have spent the last 4 years being the best of buds.
We had dinner the Saturday before she left to say goodbye. Jenn and Dave of course put out the best spread. Thanks you guys!

I know Zack's eyes are closed in a few of these photos. Normally I wouldn't post them, but since its so hard to get good pictures of us together these days I thought that little minor detail could slide for now. ;) Sorry Babe your gorgeous either way!

Taylor and Jordan

It was time to put on the kids PJ's and Taylor being the little Mommy she is, had to change Skylars diaper and dress her in her PJ's.

Now Sky if you would just hold still....

Sorry Babe.......

Our little Sunshine....

Kamdyn and I. Hopefully we wont miss much of this little girl growing up.

Love your Jordan!

Jenn and yours truly.

Auntie Jenn and her girls.

Getting ready to eat some grub on our princess plates!

Coleman Rockin the hunting jacket!


So we are missing a child.......where was Dylan during all the photo shoots?????
Probably out in the garage with all the boys......
We will Miss you Neal Girls! Big Kisses from us!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another obsession......

She likes to take pictures of herself.
She also cut her own bangs a couple weeks ago.
Curly hair+bangs=No good!
FYI*She doesnt really like them either and told me she should have cut them shorter so you couldnt see them! AAAAAA! I had to sit down and explain that one to her.......
The weekend before this happened, she cut her baby dolls hair off and I thought to myself how lucky we have been that she hasnt cut her own hair. THAT should have been my RED FLAG!
Our nephew Jace used to cut his hair ALL the time. Shaved off his eyebrows and took clippers to his hair many times. My sister in law used to call soooo upset.

Taylors new bangs......this is after the bath and her hair does all sorts of crazy if I dont put stuff in it....