Tuesday, August 30, 2011


You have been warned.

If you are an animal owner this tool is a must. If you are like me and get anxiety about animal hair, this tool is a must.

If I was smart I would have gotten the shed less breeds. BUT I never claimed to be smart or just didn't prefer that breed whichever. Or I somehow didn't have a say about the dog it just ended up in our backyard one night while I was 9 months pregnant and out shopping at the mall. Then he just sort of grew on me. Except for his uncontrollable scavenging trait. That's almost got him a swift kick out the door. Like last night when he finished the birthday cake from Freeport Bakery. Or the many many times he gobbled down a yummy just made sandwich. Or a subway sandwich that I couldn't finish but was waiting until later. Or a dozen crispy black cookies that didn't get pulled out of the oven in time and went straight to the trash. Yes he eats out of the trash. That's why i call him a scavenger. He has no preference at all, garbage food, food left in the garage, food on the table, food on the counter, food in the kids hands (preferably Taylor), food on the floor (If he wasn't named when we got him I would have named him Kirby, after my vacuum), unmentionables out of the cat box ( blah blah uggh ughh I cant even let that enter my mind, good thing we got rid of the cat box once that happened. she is now trained to go outdoors, which I have yet to see anything, blah blugghhh uguuughg GROSS), AND hes a carpet licker. Weird friggin carpet licking soap bar eating dog.  He chews on soap bars. The carpet licking Im pretty sure is my baby spit up spot cleaner. Im just saying. Who cant smell spit up from a mile away, or even after its been cleaned. darn dog.
I would like to mention. We DO NOT feed him people food. Not at all, not in his bowl not out of our hands, not on the floor not off of our table. The kids are not supposed to either. Maybe we should start and that will stop his starving scavenging dog behavior. I bet not he will just have totally bad habits. Then he would be a starving scavenging carpet licking begger. sigh. Theres no hope.
BUT I keep him because, he doesnt dig, he doesnt chew on anything but his bones. Not my shoes not any underwear (come on we ALL know about those dogs) nothing, he doesnt run away and hes pretty good mannered. Hes got a good foundation but still a work in progress. AND hes not even two years old and a chocolate lab. We all know how labs are. I think all in all we got lucky with this friggin dog. Dont tell my husband that. Riley is his Dog. Even though he follows me around like hes my shadow, sleeps on my side of the bed when I get up and wakes ME up when he has to pee. Ofcourse he does.

anyway. Back to the point of this post. If your a freak like I am about animal hair, I cant stand it. Cant stand it. YOU MUST get a FURminator. Splurge, pick one up. Its a must. Just look at the pictures below. Or dont because personally it makes my nose itch. and I dont even have allergies.

WOW!!! Let me mention this dog gets baths regularly. This picture DOES NOT do this hair pile justice. It was huge. HUGE huge. GROSS!! Like 2-3 feet wide and 1 foot high. No joke. This tool means business. Go get one.

The end.

Monday, August 29, 2011

When the weather gets warm. When the kids get crazy. Or on any given day.
You might find us here.

Isnt my husband hot?

Our nephew Jace, braving the tube and learning the board.

Theres something about the water. It clears your head and calms your nerves.
Even the dog likes the boat.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Girl

You need me right now. But you need Daddy too. The last 7 months have been rough for you. You have handled it like a champ like I knew you would. You went from being the baby our baby to a big sister, a big girl, the middle child. Not the baby anymore. It was like overnight you were supposed to grow up. I have never been so proud of you and never been so sad. When I was in the hospital having Brooklyn my heart ached for you. I wanted to be with you, I missed you losing your second tooth and it made me sad. I cried.
I cried because your my girl. You are my biggest challenge. You know I can always do better, you make me do better. You challenge me. We learned this whole Mommy daughter thing together. Some days we are still trying to figure it out. I am so proud of you. I know right now you need me. Brooklyn came into our lives and turned your whole world around. You love her more than anything and do such a good job helping me with her. I appreciate that.
I promise to give you more of me. Like your late night dates with Daddy, just the two of you while the rest of the house is fast asleep. You and Daddy are buds. Secretly, I know he is your favorite. Thats ok though, because I know you need me. That makes it all ok.

Friday, August 19, 2011


I have some pictures! HOT DIGGITY DOG! How can you not be excited to look at all this preciousness.

 This one cracks me up.

She didnt get to eat the candy bar but I had to take a picture and send it to Daddy because he was a bad boy and bought Mommy one of these bad boys right in the heat of my diet. NOT NICE!! Hersheys with almonds,,,,,,,my weakness when it comes to candy bars. 


I  CANNOT believe how behind I am. I know this gets old. It seems like I say the same thing with every new post. You know what, I just havent felt like blogging. I have been to busy with life, yet I still feel behind on life, ya know. Does that make sense?
I cant tell you how many times I have sat here attempting to blog and gone blank. Nothing nada. AND I cant tell you how many days the thought never crossed my mind. Make sense?

Well, today I decided that I missed it. I decided that I didnt want to forget the little things or the little moments. Because we ALL know if we dont put them down it doesnt matter how good we are, we forget. The little things.

So now, where to start?? From where I left off? or from right now? How about from now.

Not to mention my camera is on the boat in some warehouse. Hmmm that cant be good. ESPECIALLY with these little Munchkins and all these memories and stuff I should be capturing. I could make a phone call and tell them Im coming to get my camera and IPOD. That those boys left on the boat. Darn boys. Thats what I should do. My whole point in bringing up the camera was because all my pictures are on there from the last couple months. I mean a picture is worth a thousand words right? RIGHT? Without the picture Im pretty sure I cant come up with a thousand words, ok now im rambling.
Peace! lol