Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I didn't do that with Taylor. I thought I was out of the norm but the nesting never hit me, ok that's not entirely true. It hit me the day my water broke and I went into labor.

Well this time around. I am in full blown nesting. I believe this happens in your head as well as in your actions. For me at this point, allot more goes into the thought process of the nesting. I will soon be acting on it. Yes I do the typical cleaning but anywhere I see clutter I start feeling anxiety. Right now I cant seem to keep up with it. Taylor is into making messes right now. I seem to find her shoes all over the house as well as her socks and her little art projects, she loves dragging out all of her "homework" and loves cutting paper into itty bitty pieces. Somedays she listens very well and cleans up all her messes. Some days I have to push her a little more and some days I have to bribe her. Dont judge me. ;) This Mama gets tired and some days I just clean it up for her which is not good I know, but Im not always up for the battle. Some days Daddy takes over and I move on to something else. She thinks she is the ruler of the house you know. Whoooo weeeee we are in for it when this new little bundle of joy comes. It really just depends on our little stubborn girls mood whether she wants to be easy or difficult. On Sunday she was in her room for what seemed like hours cleaning and reorganizing. It was pure bliss. All I had to say was "You need to clean your room." Thats it, and she listened and my heart sang!

I have huge desires to redecorate reorganize most areas of our home. Im a little bored with some of the stuff and Im ready for a new look. We will be moving some rooms to accommodate the new little one and I think its a perfect time to start. Now if I just had the time and money to do all that I want to do. One thing at a time right.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reason to Celebrate....

We have a ton of reasons to celebrate in this family of ours. So we did just that. Last weekend My Father in Law was in town (Remember a while ago when I was a single Mom because our Daddy was working in Seattle, it was rough! but we made it through and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ) Well my Father in law, is working in Seattle. So he is home right now, enjoying all of the comforts of home. Part of that comfort is this huge ridiculous crazy family we all love and adore so much. He decided he wanted to celebrate by treating all who wanted to come to dinner at Pete's Pizza and Brewhouse. YUUUUMMMMYY!! Remember I'm pregnant and I REALLY like food right now and especially Pizza with pesto. Mmmmm.
Why were we celebrating you ask? Well.......
1. Uncle Hal is alive!! He just underwent a quadruple bypass and also additional hospital stay and surgery due to complications. So we celebrated Life and Uncle Hal!
2. Our Niece is spreading her wings and flying to Hawaii, where she will now be living.
3. Birthdays, another year of birthdays, My Step MIL Tracee, My sister in laws etc.
4. Deployment to Afghanistan, My SIL boyfriend of many years
5. New life, that baby i mentioned before in my belly

There could be more that I'm missing but we just wanted to celebrate.

Please excuse my lack of emotion in this picture, I was waiting for our waitress to put in our order for our food, I was getting a little irritated because I was hungry and not very patient.
The boys!
The Girls!
Part of the Clan. Aunt B, FIL, Visor of Goggy (Grandmother), SIL Stef, SIL Erin, MIL, Nephew Ayden, Step MIL Tracee.
The Clan! (Missing some)
I wasn't going to post any pictures of myself for the next few months due to my hefferish state, but O what the heck!! We only live once right? Remember Im pregnant and I dont get sick when Im pregnant so I just eat because I LOVE FOOD! HAHAHA Then after the babe is born, I will have pics to compare my tremendous weight loss, because it will be huge, mark my word! A little secret, I already weigh more than when I delivered Taylor. Yes you heard me right, when I DELIVERED her. Whelp! ALLOT can happen in 5 years. ;) Toodooooloooooo, Its almost lunch time!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Im longing for.....

The sweet smell of fall.
I'm always ready for summer, everything about summer. As quick as it comes I am ready for it to go. My true heart lies in FALL. My favorite time of year. All of the colors, the cool air, the harvesting, the pumpkin pie that fills my house, the ghost and goblins and caramel apples. My heart lies in Fall.
Oh Summer how I love thee but i sure am ready for you to go....My dining table is itching for some autumn leaves.

Thursday, August 5, 2010



PPBI! Marin

We had baseball in Marin. So we got up at 5 am on SATURDAY! Loaded up the car met at Starbucks and caravan'd our way to Marin. They had a BEAUTIFUL field! Dont forget about the Tule fog in the morning. Shorts are no bueno in that weather. I think it was too early and my head was a little fuzzy because I only grabbed Taylor pants. GOOD THING! But this Mommy was COLD!! I had to find myself some pants, and let me just say that there is NOTHING open at 7:30 in the morning. NOTHING! AND we all got sunburns. BEAUTIFUL!! HAHAHA!

Mommy Time!

If you purchase these special tickets they get you special access to eat yummy free food. No seriously Yummy! And when you are pregnant, there is not much better than yummy food! Trace Adkins, need I say more. Some weird Drunk people that wouldnt leave even after being asked over and over and over again by Security. Apparently the yellow shirts were not a threat to them. haha. This is Drunk mans Drunk girlfriend telling him to ignore them, what can they do? Ya she seriously said that. But THEY were eventually escorted back to their seats, THANK YOU yellow shirt security guys.
Mommy Boots, it was nice to put our feet up.
THE MAN! Toby Keith!
Whats a Mommy night out without Bug Spray? No really. Especially the little ones you can just slip in your purse, Yes please!
Awesome concert! Awesome!

Growing like a weed....

And some things just have to be upgraded. Especially when the knees get really close to the handlebars.Or the seat is worn and torn and the wheels are a disgusting shade of brown yellow. Its time.

Family Time

Sometimes you just have to get away. Santa Cruz always calls our name. After weeks of responsibilities and priorities we packed up the car and headed toward the sand. Because when this Mommy has her toes in the sand, my head becomes clear and my body is able to relax.

Taylor must have that same thing as her Mommy. I tell you the minute her little piggies hit that hot beach her face couldn't hold back the smile. She was home.