Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I love!!

Being a woman we have all of these "things" that make us who we are. All these places we visit. Being a Mother a Wife and a Woman, I am always trying new things, testing new recipes, reading reviews. I love when I find things that "work". Trust me not everything "works" for everyone.

Heres a few things/places that I love.

I LOVEEEEEE yummy recipes and trying new recipes. I love cooking.

Im in love with Pinterest at the moment. It makes me feel capable. Its my new obsession.

I LOVE Etsy. Im always looking for unique gift ideas or projects. I love all things homemade.

My home away from home Fitness Rehab/SASS fitness. This is where I go to get back in touch with me. This place allows me to be Jenny. Not Mommy, not Wifey, not sister or daughter. Just Jenny. Here there are endless possibilities. Here I push myself harder then I have ever pushed myself before.

The baseball field. It could be anywhere. Last weekend it was in Elk Grove. This weekend its at Raley Field. Baseball is a huge part of our lives. We have what we call a baseball family. When we are at Coles games there are so many things going on that we enjoy. We watch him play and this is one of the most exciting things as a parent. We socialize with our baseball family. These are our friends and we love them. We get to "cheat" and he yummy food. It just goes with the program ya know. Our girls get to play, Brooklyn with all the other Mommies and Taylor with her friends and on the playgrounds. It feels our cup. Its our life.

Fall. I love this time of year. The smells the chill in the air the beautiful colors the yummy food. I love it all. Its when I know the Holidays are around the corner. The Holidays for me is a time for our families to enjoy eachothers company. To be together. I love it! Our middle child has such excitement for the holidays. Every part of the Holidays, the decorating, the cooking, the gathering EVERYTHING, picturing the sparkle in her eyes motivates me during the Holidays. I love that kid.

What are some things that you love?

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