Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lifes Changes

Sometimes most of the time, usually, we have a plan. We create a goal and then we analyze the best and usually most direct route to get to and achieve that goal. Most things most goals are met with little obstacles with small success and we move forward. Small goals, "tonight I'm going to do 2 loads of laundry and cook and clean up dinner" "the kids will be fed, bathed and in bed by 9". Small goals. We often work off checklists because life as a mother and wife is simply hectic. Then we have our BIG goals our long term goals, our career goals. Our life changing goals. These goals take much more time, much more patience, much more planning and allot more obstacle hurdling. Sometimes these goals take us down different roads that we didn't imagine traveling down, wasn't even aware of the possibilities. Most of the time we approach these goals with a lump in our throat, a knot in our belly and a jumble of nerves in our head. We still proceed.
The last year has been a time of growth and change and new direction for our family. A tough time and a joyful time. A motivational and inspirational time. The Daddy has soaked up this time utilized this time for personal growth, self reflection and goal setting. It was his time to make a move, a big move. A career move.

For as long as he can remember he has wanted to be a correctional officer, he would even settle for any type of law enforcement but Correctional officer is where he wanted to end up, to start his career which with hope would lead him to bigger goals he has for himself and our family. He walked away from money with dreams and hope to start something new for himself. To change the path he has been on. When we set these goals we have a vision of how it will happen what it will feel like. He applied for positions in different counties and moving through the process with California. He was told to apply in other states just in case. In the midst of the process he made it. He was offered a job. Starting Friday April 13th he will be a Correctional Officer (in the Academy) for Snake River prison in Oregon. Yes OREGON.  A big change for our family. For now, The Daddy will pack up his clothes in the back seat of his truck and set off to achieve his dream. The Mommy and kids are going to hold down the fort at home, in California. Sometimes the big goals in order to achieve require a little sacrifice. Sometimes we have to make the hard decisions to achieve the best outcome. So for now our little family will be apart. For now we will have to be strong because tough times don't last, tough people do.

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